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there is a quarterback on the offensive team because he throws or hands it off to a player or he's able to run the ball. the defensive team doesn't have a quarterback becausethey don't have the ball then

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Q: Is the quarterback on the offensive team or the defensive team and why?
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Does the offensive or defensive team have possession of the basketball?


Difference between a Defensive End and a Defensive tackle?

A defensive ends job is to contain the outside for running backs, or pressuring the quarterback. A defensive tackles job is plow through the offensive line and sack the quarterback.

What advantage in American football does the offensive team have when the defensive safeties are playing deep and have man for man pass coverage?

When the defensive is playing with their safeties deep and have man to man pass coverage, the offensive has a great advantage if they have a quarterback who can run. That's because in the defensive set, no one is covering the quarterback. Well that's fine if the quarterback is not a running one. If he is a runner, then no one is guarding him and he has plenty of room to run for good yardage.

How many coaches per nfl team?

An NFL team has ten coaches per team. These include the head coach, defensive coordinator, offensive coordinator, quarterback coach, offensive line coach, defensive line coach, special teams coach, linebacker coach, strength coach, and secondary coach.

What is the main objective of the defensive team in any sport?

The main objective of the defensive team is to prevent the offensive team from scoring.

The defensive team in softball is the team on the?

The fielding team; the offensive team is at bat or batting.

What is defensive player in basketball?

a player that is on the team without the ball. the team that is trying to get back or steal the ball from the offensive team is the defensive team.

If the defensive team intercepts the ball are they still the defensive team or the offensive team at that point?

They are considered the "return team" like on a kick off.

What does the offensive team do in softball game?

They hit the ball from the pitcher on the defensive team

What is encroachment unabated to the quarterback?

Encroachment is when a defensive player makes contact with an offensive player at the line of scrimmage prior to the ball being snapped. Unabated to the quarterback is when a defensive player charges across the line and is on his way to the quarterback before the ball is snapped.

What does defensive mean?

Defensive means the team that is not offensive- the team without the ball. The team trying to stop the offense, or the team with the ball, is the defense, or the team without the ball.

Does the Center do anything else but hike the ball And does he play and defensive position if he is on a small team 4-5 people?

The center is one of the five offensive linemen that are supposed to block for the quarterback and running back. After snapping the ball to the quarterback, the center will block a defensive tackle or linebacker. The center is not eligible to catch a pass. Generally, the center is one of the best athletes on the team and he may also play a defensive position.

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