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it changes its course of flight because of the aerodynamics plus the force of the wind makes it so that it will slightly change its path of force like newton's first law of motion states a object will remain moving until a force has acted upon it that force is wind making it change its course of flight.

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Q: How does wind affect a tennis ball when thrown?
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Why is table tennis played indoor?

Wind. Wind greatly affects the ball.

What effects how a tennis ball bounces?

The force at which the ball is thrown/ hit, the angle of the throw, the surface on which the ball lands, the condition of the ball(whether its in good condition or worn out) and also the wind resistance. You might also want to take into account the amount of air pressure inside the ball, the rotation of the ball also affects its direction and how it bounces.

What swing do you swing when a tennis ball with the wind blowing towards you?

a backhand

Does wind affect the motion of a football that is thrown?

Yes wind affects the motion of football that is thrown. Apart from the motion of the football is also affected by gravity. The various laws of motion applies when football is thrown.

How does wind affect a quarterback's throw?

Wind can push the ball left or right or it could make it dificult to throw if the winds in his face or easier if its at his back. A ball will travel much farther with the wind at his back. The amount of wind coming at him will determine how far the ball will travel. In a game, the wind will majorly affect how your team does.

Can you throw a tennis ball or baseball faster?

You should be able to throw a baseball faster, since it has more weight and the wind resistance is not that great on the heavier baseball as it is on the lighter tennis ball.

Does wind affect the bounciness of a ball when traveling?

because it

Does the size of a ball affect the velocity on which the ball goes?

not counting variables such as wind resistance and such, no

Can you reach over the net to hit the ball in tennis?

Yes. The occasion which allows a tennis player to reach over the net to contact a tennis ball is when backspin, or blowing wind, causes a ball to go back across the net, after it has bounced within the bounds of your court. Randy Lynn Rutledge (author of Fix Your Tennis)

F a tennis ball and a bowling ball are dropped from a 5 story building which one would land first?

if we ignore wind resistance they will land at the same time.

How does Airflow affects Sports?

Say tennis for example when there is a strong gust of wind the ball could change its direction or it could be harder to hit

Does wind affect the bounce of the ball?

Yes. My balls swing to the left when the wind is off the sea, but to the right when the wind changes. I believe the temperature changes may be somewhat to blame.

Does wind affect the distance a soccer ball travels?

Yes the wind will play a part in the distance a football will travel. The stronger the breeze the further it will travel.

Why is table tennis an indoor game?

Think to the influence of wind, rain, snow, etc.; the ball is very light, only 2,7 grams.

Would a table tennis ball reach a terminal speed on the moon?

It would be the same speed as it would be on a very still day on earth without any wind. Wind creates resistance which sends the ball in different directions on serves and returns. On the moon, since there is no atmosphere there is no wind and the ball would go where ever you hit it without any effect from resistance. So trying to get a good serve in will be hard since the ball won't be as tricky to hit back.

What are the disadvantages of playing table tennis?

The only ones I have come across in my years of playing are: 1. Easy to get blisters on feet. 2. Hard to learn tennis after table tennis. I had trouble learning tennis strokes after playing table tennis for years. 3. Sometimes people run into the corner of the table (this rarely happens) 4. It is always played indoors because wind affects the ball a lot.

Why do players look at tennis balls when serving?

Because all tosses are not uniform, due to wind and other factors. They have to know exactly where the ball will be in order to strike it properly.

What forces affect the motion if your kickin a ball?

wind speed, how the ball spins in the air it hits turbulence causing movement, where u kick the ball causing bend, how much force you put on your plant foot as you kick the ball

How does wind affect tsunamis?

Wind does not affect tsunamis.

Does wind affect rubber?

wind has no affect on rubber

How does wind affect erosion?

how does wind affect erosion

List the forces that act on a tennis ball during a game and explain how each force affects the tennis ball?

The forces are:Gravity: This pulls the ball downwards and towards the ground.Wind: This affects how much it moves side to side while still in the air.There are probably many more but these are all I could think of.

Does friction have any effect on a ball thrown upward?

Seeing as how friction is resistance between two masses, I'd have to say no. Now, the ball IS subject to wind, rain, any kind of force or phenomenon that could alter its path or direction. But not friction.

How does wind speed affect tsunamis?

Wind does not affect tsunamis.

Does the wind affect the flight of a golf ball?

Yes it does, and the amount it is affected depends on the strength of the wind. With the wind helping, blowing behind you, the ball spins less, therefore goes farther and doesn't stop as quickly. With the wind into you, the ball spins more, is more likely to balloon and go straight up into the air, it doesn't go as far, but stops quicker. With the wind blowing right to left the ball spins right to left so is more likely to draw and head to the left. With the wind blowing left to right, the ball spins left to right so is more likely to fade and head to the right. The harder you hit the ball, the more it will spin, so that is why sometimes you hit a ball harder into the wind, it balloons and comes down very short, the key to playing in the wind is swing it smoother.