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a backhand

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Q: What swing do you swing when a tennis ball with the wind blowing towards you?
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How do you hit a ball in tennis?

You swing your racket at the ball

Why does a cricket ball swing but not a tennis ball?

it also swings...

What is forehand swing?

A forehand is when you swing towards the ball with your dominant hand.

What is the action called when you hit a tennis ball?

It is called a swing.

How do you curl the ball on Wii sports tennis?

Bend your arm as you swing the remote.

How do people get grand slams in tennis?

They jump into the wide open air and forcefully swing the racket down hard on the tennis ball.

In tennis if you swing and miss at a ball but it lands out do the opponents get the point?

If you swing at the ball but it goes out after you have swung, then the other team could possibly get the point, it just depends on the tounament rules

Does playing fastball with a tennis ball makes you a better hitter in baseball?

Hitting can be broken down into three segments; SEE, REACT, SWING. You watch the ball in the pitcher's hand during the windup and you watch the ball leave the pitcher's hand when it is thrown and you watch the spin of the ball as it comes towards the plate. That is SEE. You determine what the pitch is (fastball, curveball, etc.), you determine where the ball is going to go and you determine whether it is headed towards an area that you think you can get good wood on it. That is REACT. You swing if you like the pitch or don't swing if you don't like the pitch. That is SWING. It doesn't make any difference whether you are playing with a tennis ball or a golf ball or a baseball. The theory and mechanics are the same. So, to answer your question I would say the more you practice the better you will be, regardless of the type of ball you use to practice with.

How are football and tennis the different?

football is when you have a team and you have to move the ball the the goal to get points while in tennis you use a raquet and you have to hit the ball towards the ground to get a point.

What is an overhead in tennis?

an overhead is when the other person hits a high ball in the air and then you go and swing your racket down on the ball so it hits it.

How do you control the first person in Wii sports tennis?

You swing the Wii Remote as the ball is approaching your first Mii

Can you reach over the net to hit the ball in tennis?

Yes. The occasion which allows a tennis player to reach over the net to contact a tennis ball is when backspin, or blowing wind, causes a ball to go back across the net, after it has bounced within the bounds of your court. Randy Lynn Rutledge (author of Fix Your Tennis)

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