How does hockey work?

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There are many rules, systems, and facets involved in the game of hockey. Here are some of the basics regarding how hockey is played. The two teams are allowed to have six players on the ice, including the goaltender, three forwards (forecheckers), and two defensemen. There are three periods of twenty minutes in which time the players attempt to get the puck past the opponent's goaltender and into the net. Should a player commit an infraction, he is assessed a penalty for a period of either two minutes (minor penalty), four minutes (double minor), or five minutes (major). During that time, the offending team is forced to play for the duration of the penalty a man down. Whoever has more goals at the end of the game wins. I encourage you to look further into the rules and nature of the game, seeing as it is a wonderful sport.

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Q: How does hockey work?
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