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Alcohol consumption leads to nerve disorders and also Jaundice. Under such conditions the person becomes unfit for any stress-laid physical activities. So drinking alcohol does affect the sports training and performance

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Q: How does drinking alcohol affect your sports training and performance?
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Does Drinking alcohol make you stop growing?

Not physically, but heavy drinking stops emotional growth.

Does a corticosteroid injection and drinking alcohol affect your alcohol level?

No. Corticosteroids can affect your mood, and could combine with alcohol (especially in terms of mood swings), but they will not affect the actual level of alcohol in your blood.

Does drinking beer wine and coolers has the same affect on humans blood alcohol concentration as drinking hard liquor?

Yes, it does because alcohol is alcohol anyway you put it.

How does alcohol affect a sports performer performance?

In small doses, alcohol can increase performance slightly. However, beyond that it begins to have intoxicating effects and these dramatically reduce performance.

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What drugs factors can affect sports training and performance?


Does drinking alcohol affect the results of a pulmonary function test?


How will drinking alcohol affect your brain?

Drinking in moderation lowers the risk of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease.

Can aspirin affect blood alcohol levels?

Yes it can affect your BAC if you have been drinking. Aspirin inhibits your body's ability to metabolize alcohol.

How can alcohol affect sports performance?

Well if you are drunk then it can affect your co ordination and spatial awareness

How does alcohol affect performance?

If you drink too much it can damage your brain.

Can drinking rock stars affect an alcohol test?

The energy drink contains no alcohol, so no, it won't.