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Unfortunately Washington Irving High School does not have a Cheerleading squad, but they do have a women/mens step team.

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2007-12-21 01:17:12
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Q: Does Washington Irving High School have a cheerleading squad?
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How do you letter in high school cheerleading?

Normally you will letter in high school cheerleading if you are on the varsity squad.

Sarah is a member of her school's cheerleading squad. How Sarah interacts with her cheerleading teammates and how participating in the cheerleading squad affects her personal behavior are examples of?

group dynamics

Does edgewood middle school have cheerleading?

They have a spirit squad

What are the ranks on a cheerleading squad?

at my school it`s 1 to 8

Does Salome High School have a cheerleading squad?

Salome High School does have a cheerleading squad but in order to get in you have to be expirenced in tumbling and you will have a lot to look up to. The cheerleading squad curnetly only execpt 25 girls a year so you better get ready if you want to become a cheerleader.

Where can you sign up for a cheerleading squad?

Talk to a coach. You can cheer at a gym or at school.

Do American high schools actually have cheerleading squads like in the movie Bring It On?

Yes, my high school does have a cheerleading squad.

Do you have a cheerleading squad?

Every cheerleader has a cheerleading squad. Cheerleading is near incomplete if you don't have a squad because just like any other sport you need your team (a squad is a team). Without a squad you are unable to do any stunting. Stunting is important in cheerleading as well.

What team had the first cheerleading?

The first cheerleading squad ever originated was by the University of Minnesota! It was all guys at first though. Guys started an organized cheer squad at this school in 1898.

How many people make the middle school cheerleading squad?

About 20-25 girls

What team had the first cheerleading squad in the nfl?

The Baltimore Colts had the first cheerleading squad in the NFL.

What is the best competitive cheerleading squad?

Central Jersey Allstars is the best competitive cheerleading squad.

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