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by running, dribbling, shooting

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Q: How does a basketball player practice?
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Related questions

How many hours does a professional basketball player practice?

How many hours does a professional basketball player practice?

How do you become a famous basketball player?


How can you become a great basketball player?

Practice Practice Practice.

What is the preparation of being a professional basketball player?

really all it is is practice. i mean you gotta practice in order to be the best and you are going to have to parctice to become a professional basketball player

What do basketball player's do on a daily basis?


How do you become the best basketballl player?

If you practice alot you will become good basketball player each day trust me I was in Basketball

How can you become the best basketball player ever?


How long do you need to practice in basketball?

if you want to be a good player, practice at least 3hrs. a day.

Job description of a basketball player?

The job description of a basketball player is to practice, play and win games. Professional basketball players are well paid and are expected to be good at their jobs.

How do you become better at Layups in Basketball?

Practice practice practice. Watch the pros or colloge player do it and try to mimic there moves

How to become a basketball player?

You have to practice on your dribbleing,passing,and shooting.

How to become a better basketball player?

You have to practice on your dribbleing,passing,and shooting.

What basketball player kept saying practice in interview?

Allen Iverson

How become a better basketball player?

you need to practice and work really hard

What kind school Do i have to take to become a basketball player?

Stay in school so that you graduate high school. Work hard, practice, practice, practice, practice, and practice some more then the colleges will find you.

How many times should a pro basketball player practice before a game?


What tactics are required in basketball?

style amazement a team player and good attenance for practice

Why its good to have a basketball hoop at home?

its good to have this at home because practice makes perfect. practice your shots and become a better player on the court.

What makes basket player practice hard?

Basketball practice might be hard for players because of the massive amount of physical activity that must take place. Basketball players are expected to be fast, agile and smart, and it can take years for an average player to become a great one.

How do you be great at basketball?

Look on the internet for basic basketball drills to practice and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE

What are the duties of a professional basketball player?

NBA basketball players simply need to give maximum effort in practice and games and perform well. That is what they are paid to do.

How can you become a basketball player?

It takes hard-work, skill and intense dedication to become a basketball player. You must at least practice everyday. And when you get to college, try getting into the NCAA, you can get very famous in the NCAA.

What do professinal basketball players do on daily basis?

Normally people think that all basketball players do is eat, sleep, practice, and play basketball. Although it doesn't seem like hard work, being a basketball player isn't all it's cracked up to be; they barely have time for their family (If they have any) they have to practice almost everyday to stay in shape and sometimes they get injured so they can't play basketball which is what they do for a living. So next time you criticize a basketball player of "Having it easy" think about these words of wisdom

What are the basketball tricks?

Practice! Practice! Practice!

How many hours does a basketball player practice every year?

how many hours do u work a day