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i learnt how to bike on a hill. My dad held my bike and then let me go. It takes a lot of times to master it but while your going down the hill, you should try pedalling!

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โˆ™ 2011-05-03 11:26:41
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Q: How do you train for biking?
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How do people travel in Brazil?

By bus, vehicle, train, walking, biking, flying, etc.

How do illegal immigrants go to school?

they can take the train as well as walking or biking as long as they are not seen by authorities.

How should kids train for a marathon?

It probably be best to do cardiovascular activities such as mountan biking or running on a treadmile.

What to play with your dog?

There are so many things. * fetch * train them * beach * biking * hiking * swiming * wrestle * tag

What does XT mean on a marathon training schedule?

Cross Train. Getting in a workout that is something other than running (i.e. biking, swimming, etc.)

How does Haile Gebrselassie train for a marathon?

He alternates a 7 week cycle of long run, Track, fartlek, weight room(biking) and easy days

What is biking?

biking is when you ride a bicycle

What are the sentence of biking?

I enjoy biking!

What products are sold by Fahrradhosen?

Fahrradhosen is a company that sells a variety of products related to biking gear! This includes biking shorts, biking shirts, or biking accessories.

Is biking aerobic or anaerobic?

biking is aerobic.

Where can you do biking?

Depends what kind of biking you want to do and where you live.

Do they make shoes for biking?

Yes, there are special biking shoes designed specifically for biking. They have a special shape that fits into the pedal inserts. You may also do biking with normal or other athletic shoes.

What is the most dangerous type of biking?

Downhill mountain biking

Does biking make you run slower?

basically you need to train for what you want to do. Bicycling can give your heart and lungs a good work out, but it won't engage the muscles in the same way as what you need to run. Cycling can be a good complement, but if you want to be a good runner you should train for running.

What are the sentences of biking?

i love biking on rainy days. I always loved the mother nature.

How do you play mountain biking?

u dont play mountain biking

What is 'quad biking' in Welsh?

'quad biking' in welsh is 'beicio cwad'

What is more popular bmx or mountain biking?

mountain biking definately

What activities are available in the Appalachaines?

SKiing, boating, biking, mountain biking, snowboarding...

Is dirt biking a Olympic sport?

Yes,dirt biking is a Olympic sport.

Where can I do strength training workouts?

You can do strength training workouts at local fitness centers. You can also purchase home gym equipment from your local department store. You can also train naturally, such as biking or running.

When biking can you bike on the interstate highway?

No, biking on any interstate is not allowed (At least in Utah.)

What are the muscles that are used when biking?

Biking gives a good work out of all the muscle groups

Is there mountain biking in the Olympics?

there is mountain biking in the olympics, there is only xc at the moment though

Where can one get outdoor biking gloves for their hands?

Sports Authority sells biking gloves.