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Q: How do you score 147 on a dart board?
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If a dart hits another dart and not the board what is the score?

For a score to count, the tip of the dart must be touching the dart board.

What is the highest single score on a dart board?

60 (triple 20)

Using three darts what is the lowest score you cannot get on a dart board?


On a standard dart board which is the lowest score you cannot get with 1 dart?

61 is incorrect. The question asks for the lowest score you cannot get with one dart. It is true that you cannot get 61, but neither can you get 59. Therefore 61 is not the lowest impossible score with one dart. The correct answer is 23. You can obviously score any number from 1 to 20, so we can exclude that range. You can get 21 (3×7) and 22 (2×11), but you cannot score 23 with a single dart.

What force does a dart board use?

A dart board uses the force of impact from a dart hitting its surface to lodge the dart into the board. The force required is enough to pierce the board's material and remain securely in place.

How do you hang a dart board in a cabinet?

First you need to buy or build a dart board cabinet. When you hang the dart board cabinet you want to make sure that when you put the dart board inside the bullseye is 5' 8" high.

What can one do with a magnetic dart board?

Its a portable version for dart board catagories, There are some differnt dart board catagories and below i just try to give which one you can choose Sisal Dart board = Professinal Level Electronic Dart board = For multi play option with professinal level Magnetic Dart board = Only for children and just for practice and fun Here you found more resouce about dart board.

What is the lowest score that can not be obtained by the throw of one dart?

The lowest you cannot score with a single dart is 23 as you cant get it on there by doubling or multiplying anything.The second lowest is 29-not 27 as you can multiply 3 nines which is 27!! i had too improve this answer because of that!! thanks

What is the best dart board to buy?

the best every day dart board is a "sportscraft" one

What is 147 HS in S?

147 High Score in Snooker

What are dart points?

Dart points are made of steel, they help the dart stick in the board.

What number is opposite 10 on a dart board?

14 is the number that is opposite the number 10 on a dart board.