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Block the puck

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Q: How do you save a high school hockey shot?
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How do you save a high shot in hockey?

Well it depends on the shot I mean like alot of kids might take a slapshot so you want to have your glove ready b\c they like to shoot there

Does Texas high school basketball have a shot clock?

No Texas does not have a shot clock for high school basketball

How many seconds in a high school girl27s shot clock?

there is no shot clock in high school basketball

Boys high school has how many seconds for shot clock?

There is no shot clock for boys high school basketball

How many seconds is on a high school shot clock?

There are No Shot Clocks in Highs School

How long is high school shot clock?

most state in the U.S dont have shot clocks in high school just in college

How much does a girls high school shot put weigh?

In the United States, the shot put for high school girls is 8.8 pounds. High schools boys use a shot put that weighs 12 pounds.

How many seconds on a high school shot clock?

There is no High School shot clock. Has been voted down... would like to hear more.

Do you have a shot at a d1 school?

Yes, of course you can have a shot at a Division 1 school. To ensure that you will be accepted, make sure to study hard and keep all the grades high in high school.

Does the weight of a hockey puck change the shot?

The weight of a hockey puck changes the shot a lot. A lighter puck can not be hit as hard and their more of a posibility of the trajectory being off. A heavier puck will be too heavy to be shot at high speeds, therefore the shot wouldn't be quite as hard.

What is considered to be a good shot put throw for a high school girl?

35 ft for high school

What was the original name of the high school where the movie twilight shot it as Forks High School?

the original name was forks high school, i know weird right?

How heavy is a shot put in middle school?

A shot put in middle school is 6 lbs. for girls and 8 lbs. for guys. it is different in high school though

Jr high school shot put weight what is it?

The weight of a JUNIOR HIGH shot put is 10 pounds, not 12, which is highschool.

What is the fastest recorded field hockey shot?

There wasn't yet any recorded field hockey shot ever.

Was high school musical shot in an actual school?

Yes, the movie " High School Musical" was shot inside of an actual high school, and in some scenes, while the crew was shooting the movie, class was in session for the actual school. In fact, in the beginning of the second movie, the kid who comes up to Troy, asking for his signature in his yearbook, was a real student at the high school, and wasn't supposed to be there.

How are rules in high school basketball different from college basketball?

They have quarters instead of halfs and the shot clock is smaller or there is no shot clock at all. Three point line is closer in high school.

What is the weight of high school guys shot put?

The weight of a high school guys shot is 12 lbs. Today at my track meet i threw it 42' and 3" and got first place

Weight of the high school shot put?

Boys shot put 12 lbs. Girls shot put 8.8 lbs

Is the high school in twilight a real high school in Forks?

Forks High School is a real High School in Forks, Washington. The Twilight film was shot mainly in Oregon, so they recreated it for the movie. Hope this answered your question!! :)

What goes faster a hockey shot or a lacrosse shot?

depends on the shooter. if we are talking professional players than it would most likely be a hockey shot... especially a slap shot. but that's not saying a lacrosse shot isn't hard.

How heavy is the shot put for middle school?

Boys (up to Age 12) 6 lb. Shot Boys (Age 13-14) 4K (8 lb.) Shot Men (High School) 12 lb. Shot Men (College) 16 lb. Shot Men (up to 49) 16 lb. Shot Men (50-59) 6K (13 lb.) Shot Women (Youth to Junior High) 2.72K (6 lb.) Shot Women (High School +) 4K (8 lb.) Shot Women (50+) 3K (6 lb.) Shot Special Olympics 3 lb. Shot

How much does a middle school shot put weigh?

Usually 8 pounds (women's high school shot put weight). At my middle school, both boys and girls used it.

How many seconds in a high school girl's shot clock?

30 seconds on the shot clock, but it is normal quaters

When was the three point shot added to high school basketball?