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The main thing is for you to be comfortable while playing, so you can do it really any way you want. You might prefer to wear compression shorts against your skin and then the goalie jock on the outside. Or you might prefer to wear only the goalie jock under your uniform. It just depends. Try the layers a few different ways and see what works best.

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Q: How do you put on a goalie jockstrap?
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Just take off your clothes and underwear, pull on your jockstrap, and put on your gym clothes or uniform.

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kind of. *** i don't think so. i mean yeah, the first time i ever wore one it felt really weird. but once you get used to it, they are really comfortable. *** They're kinda like briefs except: there is usually no back panel (unless you get a brief supporter) so your bottom is exposed and you'll feel every detail of pockets and such in your pants; and the pouch is a mesh-type with no functioning fly. I think a jock tends to hold everything out front more than briefs which tend to keep it all towards the body. The one advantage I personally like about a jock is it'll hold your boys w/o the leg openings being stretched too loose, which is common in your garden-variety briefs such as Hanes and FoL. *** They are very comfortable if you get a Duke, Bike, Prodown, or mesh Calvin Klein. Never get one with a cup pocket- these are terrible. Always order a size up, for they tend to run small. For these the pocket is not too small or tight and breathable. I am writing this because once you wear a comfortable one you will not want to wear tighties, boxer briefs, or compression shorts again. It is airy so it does not get hot. The first time I wore one *** They feel a little uncomfortable at first because they are tight, but it feels good to be held in place and not bounce around. The leg straps are kind of unusual feeling, but they help it to support you better.

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