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they dont tatto it

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โˆ™ 2009-09-30 22:19:26
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Q: Will tattoo places who paint a goalie mask put a special coat on the goalie mask for the design to last when you use it?
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What programs can be used to design a personal tattoo?

Many graphic design programs can be used to design a personal tattoo, including Photoshop, Illustrator or Microsoft Paint. One can also design and print out a personal tattoo through special online design sites such as Create My Tattoo and Tattoo Design.

What is henna design?

It is an un-permanent (if that's the word) tattoo that Hindus have done for their weddings and special occasions.

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Who is the person known as Tattoo Johnny?

Tattoo Johnny is not actually a person but a resource for tattoo enthusiasts. Several people work for the company and visit different places to educate about tattoo safe practice, care and design development however.

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What does a Polynesian tattoo symbolize?

It depends on the design and symbol's you choose in the tattoo.

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a butterfly

Can i get a tattoo with a koi fishlotus and a Phoenix Bird?

A customer can get any tattoo that they wish to get. If the shop does not have the design, the customer may bring an picture or drawing of the design.

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its a special person

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That you have absolutely no imagination when it comes to choosing a tattoo design. Seriously.

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