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Q: Is it required to wear jockstrap in Sports?
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What sports do you wear a jockstrap?

You should wear a jockstrap with a cup for contact sports such as football, baseball, hockey, etc. But it's important to wear a jockstrap for support for anything involving running, jumping, or twisting - even without direct hits - track, basketball, soccer, etc.

What sports do you use a jock strap for?

You should definitely wear a jockstrap for sports where a cup is required, it can be used to hold that in place. Jockstraps are also used for non-contact sports to support the genitals.

Is it important to wear a jockstrap?

Yes it is, for sports, gym class, or anytime you work out or run.

Should 10 year old boys where a jockstrap?

Depending on the activity they are participating in yes. In sports such as Football, Baseball, Martial Arts, Soccer, and other related sports where support is required they should wear one.

If you have a jockstrap is it better to wear it outside your underwear or just wear the jockstrap?

I wear it inside of my underwear. this gives me more supprot and somewhat comfortable. I just wear the jockstrap. just wear the strap When it is hot in the summertime or in the south it is better to just wear the jockstrap by itself.

Do you need to wear a cup with the jockstrap?

Only if your doing contact sports like baseball, hockey or football

Is it gay to wear a jockstrap?

No, it is not. A jockstrap is a protective device for the genitals.

Which tennis players wear a jockstrap?

Probably most male tennis players wear either a jockstrap or some kind of supportive sports undergarment, e.g. compression shorts, jock boxers, athletic briefs, etc.

Do you wear a jockstrap for Swimming?


Do you ware under ware over a jockstrap?

Not usually. You just wear gym shorts, or your regular sports pants.

What is the difference from a cup and a jockstrap?

A cup is the hard protective cover you wear to protect against impact. A jockstrap can be used to hold the cup in place, or worn to support the genitals during sports.

What type of jockstrap do UFC fighters wear?

Whatever the fighter prefers. Cups are required and jocks hold the cups.

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