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You will see when the pros hit their irons and wedges that a big divot flies up after it, this is because they are hitting down on the ball. You basically need to hit down on an iron and hybrid if you want to hit the sweet spot. The best thing to do, is imagine you are mashing the ball into the ground at impact, this will give a really nice compression and the ball will fly off with a strong penetrating flight.

You will notice that when you are hitting a driver or fairway wood you are essentially sweeping the ball off the tee, as this is how to best hit these clubs. When you are hitting a driver or three wood, you will always put the ball forward in your stance, encouraging the sweep. It is worth noting, that you don't have to hit down on hybrids, some players hit these like they are fairway woods, as they can be used effectively off the front foot or in the center of the stance.

Not all players hit down on the ball, players like Tom Watson sweep their iron shots off the ground, with fantastic results.

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Q: How do you hit down on the golf ball when hitting irons and hybrids?
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When using irons 2-7 how can you stay under the ball and get it into the air when you are always hitting the to?

Hitting the toe? You just need to try and groove your swing so you can hit the sweet spot or centre of the club. To get the ball up in the air, it may sound silly, you need to hit down on the ball. All the pros hit down on the ball to compress it and get it up in the air, the loft of the club is all that is needed to get the ball up.

How not to blade a golf shot?

Try and focus on staying down on the ball, almost imagine you are hitting the ball into the ground, this will compress it and help get the ball in the air.

What happen to the ball when you stop hitting it?

When you stop hitting the ball, it loses the kinetic energy transferred from the impact and gradually slows down due to friction with the surrounding air and surface. Eventually, the ball comes to a stop as its kinetic energy is converted into other forms of energy like heat and sound.

What is spiking in volleyball?

when you approach the net and hit the ball over using your palm

Why does hitting a ball with a tennis racket at the edge give the ball more speed?

It doesn't. You typically want to hit the ball in the center of the racket, or a little bit towards the tip of the racket. Hitting near the edge of a racket produces sidespin, which makes your ball inconsistent and probably slows the ball down because it won't penetrate the court like a normal top-spin shot.

How do you hit a golf ball into the air i keep hitting 'worm burners'?

There is no quick fix, you will need to develop a good swing with strong technical aspects and practice practice practice!To get the ball into the air with a driver, you may need to change your club, I would suggest getting a 10.5 driver with a regular shaft, this is an ideal beginners club.If you can't get your irons into the air, you need to hit down on the ball, let the clubhead do the work. If you watch the pros play, the compress the ball very well and let the clubhead do the work, this creates a lot of spin and therefore height.

When playing golf you hit down on the ball and turn your wrist over just as you are hitting the ball it seems to go farther is this wrong or right way to do it?

This is the perfect way to do it. This is how you hit the ball straighter and compress the ball better. When you turn your wrists over you are squaring the club face, if you didn't turn the club face over you would just hit big blocks. And as you are hitting down on the ball you are creating compression, this is how a golf ball is meant to be hit and this is why you are getting more distance. Look at the pros on tv, they compress the ball so well, that's why you see huge divots.

Unable to get elevation on all golf shots?

The best way to get elevation on all shots is to mash the ball into the ground by hitting down on it with the club, this produces spin and therefore elevation. This may seem strange when you consider the loft of a 3 iron but it is how the pros play it. Most high handicappers try to sweep their irons but you don't need to, the clubs have been designed with the specific lofts for a reason.

How deep should you insert a golf tee?

Honestly it is personal preference. Although as a general rule when using your driver half of the ball should be above the top of the driver, and the same for your woods. You should tee your long irons up so the ball is roughly in the middle of the club face and for shorter irons and wedges you should tee it up so that the ball is just off the ground so you can stike down on the ball, compress it and get some spin.

Melted down cannonballs were used as curling irons?


Should all the clubs in your bag have the same shaft flex?

No. Mike Weir uses S300 in his 3,4,5 irons and X-100 in his 6-PW. This gives him less flex/distance but more accuracy in his shorter irons. Having different flex shafts in your bag is common. The most popular deviation is to go one grade stiffer with your driver. After all, most golfers swing harder/faster with their driver because they are hitting a ball that is teed up and not lying on the grass. Some golfers play more flexible shafts in their long irons as well. It helps them get the ball up in the air. One note, if you are having problems getting your long irons airborn, then you may want to go down in flex on your irons in general. It is easier to adapt to more flexible shafts by controlling your swing speed than to adapt to stiffer shafts by trying to increase your swing speed. Remember, one can be taught technique and control, but speed is a natural phenomenon and can't be taught. Mike

What is a fake bunt in softball?

A fake bunt is when you pretend to bunt the ball so you get down to your bunting position and once she releases the ball you pull the bat back up and hit it instead of hitting it.