How do you get the layup right the first time?

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You cannot master the layup upon your first attempt. Layups are mastered after years and years of practice. The first year will help you get the basics down; the second year will help you perfect the right or left handed layup; the third, fourth, and fifth years will help you with layups from many different angles; and the sixth year and beyond will help you with the opposite handed layup.

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Q: How do you get the layup right the first time?
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How do you make a left hand layup if you are right handed?

I have trouble with the same thing, i mainly go with a right handed layup or a reverse left handed. To do a left handed layup is the same way to do a right handed layup but just with the other hand. May take awhile to get used to though.

Why do you have to go off of your left leg when you shoot a right handed layup?

For balance

Series of steps on how to do a layup?

you just do a layup man

How do you do a layup?

There are lots of ways to do a layup but one word of advice that you should always aim for the box on top of the basket. If aim for the box 9 times out of 10 the ball will go right in to the basket.

What is a driving layup in basketball?

It's called a driving layup, nothing else.

Do you have to dribble for a layup?


How far is a layup from the basket?

A layup is when you are very close to the basket when you shoot the ball. I would say a player would be 3 feet or less from the basket when they shot a layup.

How many steps for a layup allowed?

In basketball, you are allowed to take two (2) steps when going in for a layup.

Can you change direction while you are on layup?

When you are doing a layup, you go toward the basket. I'm sorry don't know what you mean.

When preforming a layup from the left side you shoot with what hand?

You shoot with your left hand. When your on the right side you shoot with your right hand, this way you have a better chance at getting then ball in and getting fouled. The trick that always worked for me is that when your going up for a layup on the left side pretend there is a string connected to your left hand and left knee.

Do you have to know how to do a layup to join a team?

If you are talking about playing basketball, it generally would be a good idea to know how to 'do' a layup. In basketball, the layup is one of the most important shots in the game because most points are scored that way.

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had it right the first time means you had it right, before you changed it to something else.

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