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You shoot with your left hand. When your on the right side you shoot with your right hand, this way you have a better chance at getting then ball in and getting fouled. The trick that always worked for me is that when your going up for a layup on the left side pretend there is a string connected to your left hand and left knee.

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2010-02-14 01:25:49
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Q: When preforming a layup from the left side you shoot with what hand?
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How do you make a left hand layup if you are right handed?

I have trouble with the same thing, i mainly go with a right handed layup or a reverse left handed. To do a left handed layup is the same way to do a right handed layup but just with the other hand. May take awhile to get used to though.

Why do you have to go off of your left leg when you shoot a right handed layup?

For balance

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What hand does Evgeni Malkin shoot with?

Left handed

What is it called when you write with your right hand but play sports with your left hand?

It means you are ambidextrous which is where you use both of your hands equally well. Including me, I write with my right hand and throw a football and shoot a basketball with my left.

How do you get the layup right the first time?

You cannot master the layup upon your first attempt. Layups are mastered after years and years of practice. The first year will help you get the basics down; the second year will help you perfect the right or left handed layup; the third, fourth, and fifth years will help you with layups from many different angles; and the sixth year and beyond will help you with the opposite handed layup.

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Yes I’m left handed and I wear my watch on my left arm but I shoot with my right hand as he is holding the AK with his trigger finger being the right

How do you shoot the basketball correctly if you shoot with your left hand?

Contrary to what everyone believes, there is no "correct" way to shoot a basketball. This goes for left handed and right handed people. Whatever way works for you is the correct way. First, put your left foot slightly forward (ahead of your right) and make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. Then have your shooting hand (in your case your left) behind the ball [in front of your face] and your right hand on the side, almost making a T shape. Then bend your legs and follow through. USE YOUR LEGS NO JUST YOUR ARMS!!!

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