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You take the wheels of the trucks, and then put them at a 40 degree angle on the truck. then push down the the bearings will come off.

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Q: How do you get bearings out of skate wheels?
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Where are the flip bearings on a skate board?

in the wheels

Will longboard wheels fit on normal double kick trucks?

Yes, just swap your bearings from skate wheels to longboard wheels, its all the same.

What kind of skate bearings fit 52mm wheels?

All skateboard bearings will fit ANY sized skateboard wheel because the bearing hole is designed to be the same in all wheels.

Are the Speed Demon Bearings Clear Shields ABEC-7 8 Pk just bearings or are they actual wheels im new to skate boarding and i need to know if they are real wheels or are they just bearings you just?

bearings go inside the skateboarding wheel

What technology is needed to make a skateboard?

you need a skate tool or you can take it to the local skate shop and borrow one off them you need nuts and bolts trucks bearings wheels and a deck

What is the polymer used in skate wheels?

In inline skate wheels it is commonly Urethrane

Where are abecs on skate boards?


Can you put skate board wheels on quad roller skates?

the axle and the bearings should be the same, but the overall wheel size may be different.

If you bought roller hockey skates with mini bearings can those same skates be switched to standard bearings?

Yes, any skate can take either bearing but you need to have the right type of wheel and spacer per bearing. ie, if you have mini bearings you need mini hub wheels and spacers that fit the mini bearings. If you have standard bearings you need standard hub wheels and spacers that fit the standard bearings.

What do you clean skate bearings with?

Shell Oil

Where are the skate wheels in dizzywood?

You have to first accept the quest before skate wheels start showing up.

Should you put new abec bearings in your old skateboard wheels ive almost wrecked the old ones but i wondered if you can put them in some okay or should i getsome new wheels?

Yes, you shouldn't be replacing your wheels every time your bearings wear out. If your wheels are still good, just get a skate shop to pull the old bearings out and put new ones in. While you're at it, get them to teach you how to do it yourself--it's a pretty simple task.

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