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First, remove the wheels from the chassis with a skate key/alan wrench. In the wheel hub, there should be one bearing on each side, now check the bearings to see if there is a spacer in the middle of the bearings. If there are spacers in between your bearings, you can push the spacer out to remove the bearings. If you have a mission skate key, (comes with every pair of mission skates) slide the skate key in the bearings where the axel would go, then push it until the bearing and spacer comes out... do the same with the other side. (put the spacer back in, then use it to push the other bearing out) If you have a tour skate key, (comes with every pair of tour skates) use the little nub on the side of the skate key to push the bearings out with the spacer. If your bearings do not have spacers in the middle, use a tour skate key to carefully pull each bearing out. (pull it slightly on each side like you would if you were pulling a computer chip out of a motherboard with a flathead screwdriver) If you do not have a skate key designed for removing bearings, I recommend you get one at your local pro shop or online store, otherwise you won't be able to pull the bearings out without damaging them.

To put the bearings back in, just push them into the wheel hub.

Do not forget to put the spacers back in if your skates require them!

Weather your skates have spacers or not depends on the axel. (which is designed to fit your chassis, so don't try changing your axels on the same chassis) If you have 6mm axels, your bearings will need a spacer in the middle. If you have 8mm axels, you don't need and can't have spacers in your bearings. You may have different bearing sizes (608 standard bearings, or 688 "mini" bearings) but the process is the same.

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Q: How do you change wheel bearings on inline hockey skates?
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Where can you buy cheap Inline Hockey Skates online in NZ?

Inline hockey skates can be purchased online on the Hockey Monkey website. One can also choose to purchase Inline hockey skates at a Dick's Sporting Goods store.

What sport gear starts with the letter i?

Inline skates are used in roller hockey.

Do bmx bikes use the same bearings as skateboards?

No. Skateboards and inline skates all have cartridge bearings, while a lot of bikes have cup & cone bearings. For those bikes that do have cartridge bearings, their axles are thicker than skateboards/skates.

How can you fix inline skates that click every time you step?

tighten the chasity and wheel bearings

How much is it for skate sharpened at Doncaster dome?

Yes they do, i belive it costs £40 for inline/hockey skates and £60 for figure skates

Can you wear skates in public?

If you are referring to inline hockey skates, then yes you can use then for general street skating. I would highly suggest that you purchase an extra set of wheels that are harder for street use. Most inline hockey skates have indoor wheels and they will wear down fast skating on a hard surface. You will need wheels with a hardness (durometer) of 80A or higher. It is not that difficult to change out the wheels, just need a skate tool.

What are some accessories one can buy to accompany roller hockey skates?

There are a number of accessories that one can buy to to accompany roller hockey skates. There are special wheels and bearings as well as skate tools to use on the skates. There are also skate bags for carrying the skates and, of course, protective gear to wear while skating.

Why do hockey goalies change goals?

He skates to the other side?

If you bought roller hockey skates with mini bearings can those same skates be switched to standard bearings?

Yes, any skate can take either bearing but you need to have the right type of wheel and spacer per bearing. ie, if you have mini bearings you need mini hub wheels and spacers that fit the mini bearings. If you have standard bearings you need standard hub wheels and spacers that fit the standard bearings.

What is an abstract noun for phrase inline skates?

There is no abstract noun for the concrete noun 'inline skates', a word for a physical thing.

Do bearings on inline hockey skates really make a difference?

Absolutely. As an inline roller hockey player for more than 15 years, I can tell you that it definitely makes a difference. With all of the stopping and starting to go back and forth between defense and offense, having a quality bearing that is rated highly makes a world of difference. When I started as a youngster I had ABEC 3 bearings, but as I grew older and played in more competitive leagues, the players were faster. This isn't just because they were taller and had longer strides when skating, no it was because their skates had quality, high rated bearings. And not only does it help with your speed, but it also has an effect on your fatigue level and the energy you exert when playing. Over the course of a game, this can really save you from getting beat late in games.

What are R Hockey Skates?

hockey skates are skates that u use in hockey. they are different that figure skates because there is no pick, the blades are slightly curved, and they connect to the skate in the front and the back.