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well yes i got them and they are good and fast !

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โˆ™ 2011-12-24 20:25:52
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Q: Are rukos skate board bearings good?
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Can you skate faster in in-line skates for quads?

Yes and No, it depends on how good you are and/or the bearings.

Is air walk a good skate board?


What are Bart Simpsons good qualities?

skate board

How do you sold the skate board at Malaysia?

Good advertising and a great demonstration!

Does the type of bearing in a skate board effect how fast it will roll before it stops?

Yes: the amount of revolutions matters depending on how much friction is present in the bearings between the trucks. Abec 5, Abec 7, and Bones Swiss are all good for speed

What is a good present for a fourteen year old boy?

Ryan sheckler skate board or/and ramps

Can 7.75 size trucks go good on a 7.88 skate board?

I use 7.75 trucks on a 8.0 board and it works fine love them.

Is rain bad for a long board?

primarily it is bad for the bearings. it wont destroy your longboard, but it isn't good for it.

What are considered good skate boards?

Just ask people who work where your buying it.To get a good oppinion, you have to go to a legit skate storeOnce you get into skateboarding you will know what you like in a board.

Alien workshop skateboards good?

Yes! I have a Alien Workshop board and it has lasted me 2 years and i skate hard.

Are fire ball skate boards any good?

Yes FIREBALL SKATEBOARDS are good they help with balance and many other other things I always say start of with fire ball skateboards before and other skate board

What is the best alternative to skate lube or speed cream to use on longboard bearings?

tri flow is good, DON'T USE THICK LUBRICANTS LIKE WD 40!

What is the best skateboard to buy?

The best type of skate board is almost because they're strong, light and have good concave!!!

Is a airwalk skateboard good?

Buy a board from a skate shop not wall mart They can help you find what you looking for

What is the best skateboard brand for skate park skating?

any light board is good 4 vert like enjoi

Where can you buy snake board wheels?

It depends on the model. Older models have bearings of an outer diameter bigger than regular skateboard wheels, and the axle is larger than the inner diameter of standard bearings. Newer models may have switched to a standard bearing. Skateboard shops sometimes have the proper sizes for older models, but roller skate wheels are closer. However the bearings do not fit standard wheels for skateboards or roller skates. If you have a good shop they can arrange to have the wheels ground out to accommodate the larger bearing, or you can have the axle machined to a smaller diameter and switch to standard bearings.

What are some good skate decks?

Some good skateboard decks are: Girl, Zero, Blind, Plan B, Mini Logo, and Enjoi. If i was you i would talk to some of the staff at your local skate shop/Zumiez and see what they reccomend. DO NOT GET A WALMART BOARD

How do you kickflip on a skate board?

first get a good board with good grip tape. next make sure you know how to ollie first. after that go for an ollie but flick the ball of your foot of the side of the board closest to you and jump. wait for the board to flip until the grip tape comes back around and push your feet on and land. Good luck!!!!

Can you still skate with a fake board?

As long as the board has four wheels and a proper deck. It also depends on the wood.Lets say you got Maple wood.That would be a good board no matter how fake it seems

How do you make people buy skateboards?

Show them good skate videos (like Lakai Fully Flared) and take them into skate shops and show them how cool stuff is, point out a cheap beginners' board for them, or if you really want them to skate, buy them a skateboard yourself, or give them an old one.

What type of longboard should a beginner get who's looking to cruise around?

you should go to like a mall or skate shop and ask for a secter9 board there about 90-150 and up but there nice and have good shape for that price and a good beginner board.

What is the best skate board company?

it's personal opinion dude, element=overrated, it's bullship now GIRL and ENJOI= good

Is it easier to surf if you skate?

Yes, as u already have good balance on a board... But you should learn how to ocean swim aswell as that is a grat bonus

Where can you buy a longboard in Birmingham?

Two seasons have some but depending on what type of board you want check out Skate hut on-line they have a good selection!

Are Walmart skate board good?

No the wood is not good it will snap and the grip is really soft the and you cant even do and Ollie so i recommend getting boards from infinity ends or zumiez