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yes, any standard skate bearing is compatible with longboards, they both use the same bearings

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Q: Are redz bearings compatible with longboards?
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What is the most suitable bearings for longboards?

Ceramic 8-ball bearings are the best bearings out there.

Can you use long board bearings on a skateboard?

yes... unless if they are bearings for the bear trucks with the larger axle... but those are not standard on anything, even higher end longboards use standard bearings.

Where can you buy a cheap dervish? or u can go to discount longboards for insanely low prices but stock wheels,bearings,etc.

Who are the omegas sisters?

The Redz.. The Bruhz are paired with the Deltas

What bearings should you get for a scooter?

If you are willing to spend money, the you should buy Bonez-Swiss bearings. They are the best. But if you dont want to spend so much money, you should get Bonez-Redz bearings. Those are good bearings, and they are not that expensive.and if u r willing to spend alot more money but for 10 times better quality and speed u r better off buying "Bonez Ceramics" $150 from any decent skate shop

Does orangatang make longboards?


Does anyone have an ehlers longboards coupon code?

Hi We do not offer them anymore we decided to discount everything. Ryan Ehlers Ehlers Longboards

What are the best soft cruiser longboard wheels?

I have OJ III wheels (the ones that are like 60mm and are blue swirly) with Bones REDZ bearings (the ones that are like 15 bucks) and it rides WAY smoother than even a penny (I know because all my friends have pennies, but I made my own deck).

Would getting p-rod abec 7 fkd bearings be better than getting spitfire burners?

no man spitfire burners better quality bearings don't just get p rods one because he's big in the skate industry, u are better off buying bones redz depending on where u live- here in the UK their for £18 around the average price burners. also, its all down to personal preference i prefer bones but that's just me; whereas, u may prefer spitfires. I bones redz and they spin for 1:50 so pretty decent for the price, I hope this helps u find whats best for u dude!

How much are pixos at Costco?

[500 pixos] PS go to join cashboy and the young redz

What are the best bearings?

Bones bearings are well known as the best for many reasons. They have an amazing price range and they serve true quality. If your going for a good price, check out Bones REDS. $18 at most stores. They serve as a son to the Swiss bearings and they are well priced. If your going for quality and have money, try either Bones Swiss, or Pig Swiss. If you ride a longboard consider Bones Swiss Ceramics. These are the BEST bearings out there but i do not recommend them for street skating or tricks because the ceramic balls (lightest, smoothest, and water proof) will shatter on enough impact!

Which skateboard is used in downhill skateboarding?