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You lift the nose of the board up as if you were doing an ollie, but do not let the tail or the front wheels touch the ground. It is a very hard trick but if you practice it will eventually come to you.

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โˆ™ 2009-08-12 10:58:52
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Q: How do you do a manual on a skateboard?
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What is a manual on a skateboard?

It is pretty much a wheely on a skateboard but with 2 wheels.

What is the longest manual on a skateboard?

There was a kid on youtube who did a 890 meter manual (real) on a skateboard. Which is about 919.9 feet. The longest time for a manual though is 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Longest Skate Board Manual?

the longest ever skateboard manual is 28.64 metres

What is riding on the front wheels of a skateboard called?

It is called a manual.

What is the longest one footed manual on a skateboard?

The longest 1-footed manual is 40 ft! :)

What is the longest stationary manual on a skateboard?

46 seconds by rob dyrdek

Definition for the word manual skateboarding trick?

It is a trick where you ride on the back rucks of your skateboard.

Why does a skateboard curve?

for tricks, olley, manual,and maybe to stop is you slam the back down

How do you sync skateboard for Tony Hawk RideDo not have hardware manual?

simple just dont play

Easy skateboard tricks?

1.Manual 2.Ollie The two easiest tricks in the world.

Can you pop a wheelie on a skateboard?

I think you're talking about a manual. just build up speed and lean to the tail of your board and balance

How many wheels does a skateboard have?

A skateboard has 4 wheels.

Given the same slope angle which is faster a snowboard or skateboard?

a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster

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How can tell if with a fake skateboard and a real skateboard?

no such thing as a "fake" skateboard, the only difference is quality.

How can you skateboard without getting in trouble?

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What is the strongest skateboard?

Ironically, the largest skateboard.

Do You Have To Be Skinny To Skateboard?

No you need to be skinny to skateboard!!!

How much did a skateboard cost in 2014?

how much is a skateboard in 2014

What is better skateboard or ripstik?

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What skateboard wheels are easier to turn on?

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