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If you are shooting anywhere on the court from 3 pointers to layups to foul shots always aim for the box on top of the basket.

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Q: How do you do a layup and actually make it in basketball?
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What is a driving layup in basketball?

It's called a driving layup, nothing else.

How do you use unskillful in a sentence?

The basketball player's inability to make a layup showed how unskillful he was.

Who invented the layup in basketball?

Yao Ming

What is the most accurate shot in basketball?


What is the most frequent basketball shot?

A layup

How many steps for a layup allowed?

In basketball, you are allowed to take two (2) steps when going in for a layup.

What is the best way to score a basket in basketball?


When do you use a layup in basketball?

You use it when you are close to the net.

Which shot is mostly taken on the run in basketball?

a layup.

Do you have to know how to do a layup to join a team?

If you are talking about playing basketball, it generally would be a good idea to know how to 'do' a layup. In basketball, the layup is one of the most important shots in the game because most points are scored that way.

What's the most common shot in basketball?

The most common shot in basketball is a layup.

What is the shot called when a basketball is banked off the backboard?


What is the most basic shot in basketball using the backboard?


Why do you use a layup in basketball?

Just another way to score

What is the most common shot taken from a standing position in the basketball?


Three types of shot in basketball?

Jump shot, layup, and [slam] dunk.

What is it called when you shoot a basketball under the net?

I believe the term you are looking for is "layup"

What are the biomechanics of a basketball layup?

The bio-mechanics of a lay up is in the legs and arms.

What are the three main types of shooting in basketball?

Hook shot, jump shot and layup.

How do you make a layup while being guarded in the lane by big people in basketball or in other words how to get past people or cause the people to ful you while driving through the lane?

You need to dummy and when the opponent is one way, dribble past them and make a great layup. It worked for me!

Why do pro basketball player take more than 2 steps in a layup?

because they cheat

Is it easier to shot with a 2.58 basketball or a 7.5 basketball?

It depends on where you are shooting from. if its in a layup u can use both, it also depends and what size you are. my opinion is 7.5

Series of steps on how to do a layup?

you just do a layup man

What does travel mean in basketball?

joe Davis is the founder of basketball as his mate dan street is coolTraveling is when you do not dribble and you're moving (not including the two steps took in a layup)

Why are basketball skills important in basketball?

If you want to make the winning layup, then you have to fake the guy out first, using dribbling skills. If you want to make the winning three pointer, then you have to be able to make it wide open in the gym, then try to have a guy guard you. The skills you practice play into your performance every single time.:)