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Q: Lay-up shot is a term associated with which game?
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Lay-up shot is a term associated with which of the game?

basketball, volleyball, golf

Lay up shot is a term associated with which of the games?

In the NBA, a layup is when the player takes FOUR steps towards the basket and leaves off one foot (usually opposite of shooting hand) and attempts to score a basket (backboard or no backboard). The term is the same in NCAA, and HS basketball just 2 steps instead of the NBA 4 stepper.

The term net shot is associated with?

Badminton by karan jain

What game is the term checkmate associated with?

The game that the term "checkmate" is typically associated with is the game of chess. Chess is a game that's been around for a long time and is a two player type of game.

With which game the term canon is associated?


Which game is associated with term knock out?


Why is a layup in basketball called a crip shot?

I'm from Chicago, and have heard this term for over 25 years. We called it a crip' when I was young because 'anybody' should be able to make one; even a crippled person. Hence the term crip', and in no way a shot at those persons who are handicapped.

Term banking is associated with which game?

billiards, pool, snooker

What is it called when you shoot a basketball under the net?

I believe the term you are looking for is "layup"

With Which sport is the term silly point associated?

The game Cricket uses the term Silly Point.

Lay-up short is a term associated with which game?

This is a golfing term. Often, rather than risking going into a water hazard or sand trap, a golfer will lay-up short of their ability and use their next shot to clear the problem.

Which game is the word shot related to?

Almost all sports use the word "shot" in them. For instance, in basketball, releasing the ball towards the basket is called a shot. In soccer, kicking the ball towards the goal is a shot. Badminton uses the the term as shot, Drive Shot and Smash Shot. Hockey uses that term as well as slap-shot, Trap and Skeet also uses that term for the lead pellets discharged from the shotgun.