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A Frisbee and the provided course

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Q: What materials are needed to play disc golf?
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What is a disc golf course?

a disc golf course is just like a golf course except instead od holes you have baskets. a disc golf course is just like a ball golf course(18 holes) except most courses are free to play. there are 3000+ disc golf courses in the world, so i don't think you'll have problems finding one.

How much does it cost to play disc golf?

It depends. Some disc golf courses charge $7 + HST for 18 holes. This price is rate for 1 person only. And with a disc rental fee of approximately $7.

What is disc golf?

Disc golf is a sport that is played much like regular golf. Instead of a ball and a club, the player has a series of discs that he/she uses to throw into a target some distance away. The player counts the number of throws that are needed to reach the target as "shots" and the game is scored just like golf.The game isnotscored just likegolf i play it.Golfgoes Eagle, Ace, Birdie, Par, Bogie Disc Golf goes Ace, Birdie, Par, Bogie

What Sims disc is needed to play the sims 2pets expansion pack?

You need the orignal sims 2 disc!

Where do they play disc golf?

Check out you local, city, county and state parks many of these will have disc golf courses in them. Just look the park up online, if they have it most will list it in the attractions or activities lists available at the park.

Where do the people play golf?

They play golf at a golf coarse

Why do you play golf?

I play golf because it is fun.

What is Joe Biden's hobby?

ping pong, disc golf, slip n sliding, role play, coaching his kids sports teams

How do you say play golf in Spanish?

I play golf is 'Yo juego al golf' or if you meant to play golf, 'Jugar al golf'For example in a sentence 'Me gusta jugar al golf' = I like to play golf

Can you play installed xbox 360 games without the disk?

Only if the game is downloaded from Xbox Live Game Marketplace. If you install a game with its disc it will play from the hard drive, but the disc is still needed for verification.

What materials are needed to play softball?

You basically need a glove, bat, cleats and a helmet if you want to play safe.

When was How to Play Golf created?

How to Play Golf was created in 1944.

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