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Show them some of your cool tricks and they will be ready

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Q: How do you convince people to go to karate?
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How do you get a girl to do karate on you?

Go to karate class with her.

What are the colours of karate belts?

it depends on the type of karate and the karate school you go to

Who are the people in the FBI that convince the people who are holding hostages to let people go?

Hostage negotiater

When does karate start?

well it depents on what karate you go to

What is a sentence using the word CONVINCE?

She tried to convince me to go on a date.I wanted to convince my mom I was a hardworker.Christopher Columbus had to convince people he found the Americas.

Do Japanese people do Karate?

Karate originated in Japan, therefore, it is reasonable to think that Japanese people would practice Karate.

What sort of food do karate people eat?

Karate people eat the same as everyone else, however, most karate people prefer to eat healthy so that their training doesnt go down the drain so to speak. Karate people in training prefer low carb, non fatty and high vitamin B and iron foods.

Use the word convince in a sentence?

It didn't take much to convince the jury.How can I convince you to come on a date?

How do i convince people to open a bank account?


What is being done to save lizards?

To convince people to go away from them or just slap them!!

How do you convince your mom to let you go to college?

it kind of depends on why you have to convince her. - its your life if you want to go to college.... THEN GO. Dont let people hold you back and if she loves you she will understand your doing something better for yourself.

How do you use Karate in a sentence?

i go to karate lesson a Monday and Thursday night and my sister goes to karate on a Friday and a Wednesday morning.

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