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You have to find a club and try out. By this time of the year, most clubs have had tryouts and now have teams.

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Q: How do you be competitive in volleyball?
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Why is volleyball competitive?

Volleyball is competitive just like any other sport out there. Who doesn't love to get excited and win?

Is volleyball a competitive sport?

Yes it is.

What does volleyball feel like?

It feels very nice and competitive

What is kaepa borderline?

Kaepa Borderline is a junior volleyball club offering a competitive program that aims to promote personal and athletic development in the youth. Its goal is to create a positive effect on the youth through competitive volleyball.

What is an open volley?

Open gym for volleyball is when people gather to play volleyball not in a tournament fashion. Still competitive but its open for the public.

The officials in volleyball and their duties?

The duties of officials in volleyball are to enforce rules and ensure fair place. This helps to keep the sport competitive and balanced.

What 5 competitive sports you play backwords?

basketball volleyball swiming tennis

Who plays volleyball?

Anyone can play but generally the competitive game is played by younger folks.

Is volleyball popular?

Volleyball is very popular because it is competitive and fun to watch. it is very popular in southern California, and in 2007 was the 2nd most popular sport.

The best about the game of volleyball?

now i am currently playing volleyball and the best thing about the game is being competitive and having fun doing what you like to do best during the game.

Who is on the Australian volleyball team?

unfortunately as skilled as the australian players are , we dont have a competitive olympic team from australia..

Invention of volleyball?

Volleyball was invented in 1985 by William G. Morgan. He invented it for his businessmen as a form of entertainment that was still competitive and enjoyable, but not as physically aggressive as basketball and other sports. At the time in was called mintonette, but over the years, the name volleyball was established.

What is the size of a volleyball for 12 year old players?

For volleyball players in the 12 and under category, players usually use volley- lites. They are lighter than what the more competitive players use.

How many tosses do you get for a serve in volleyball?

In professional volleyball, you get one. High school competitive rules were changed to allow "tosses" that are clearly not intended as part of a serve (subject to time allowance).

What are differences and similarities of spanish volleyball and American volleyball?

Spanish volleyball is more hardcore, American volleyball is more organized. Both are very competitive. American volleyball is taught based on techniques while Spanish volleyball is more about leaving your heart on the court. Spanish also exercise more than Americans. I've played for both, Spanish and Americans and i loved American volleyball, definitely.Volley means to keep something off the ground. In volleyball the ball is not allowed to touch the ground. So essentially volleyball "keep the ball off the ground". I hope this helped. :)

Where can I purchase volleyball equipment in Los Angeles?

If you are looking for professional, competitive gear then you should go to Long Beach and shop the Volleyball Market. You'll find it at 15392 Assembly Lane, the number is 714-899-1114.

Volleyball health facts?

Over the past 30 years volleyball has developed from a recreational activity into a highly competitive and skilled sport. Although the game brings many health benefits, injuries can and do occur. Most injuries can be prevented.

Top ten female sports?

Swimming gymnastics volleyball competitive cheer soccer ice skating dance softball shopping talking

What are some hobbies or sports that is in Algeria?

Soccer is the most widely played and watched sport in Algeria. Competitive volleyball has also gained popularity in the area.

Volleyball net size?

It really depends on your age level and how competitive your team is.

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball

What is the height of a volleyball net in high school?

7'4" Actually, High School Women's Volleyball is 7' 4 1/8" high or 224 cm. High School Men's Volleyball is 7' 11 5/8" high or 243 cm. Competitive ages change the height of the net as well.

What was volleyball called before volleyball?


Is volleyball male or female oriented?

Both men and women play indoor and beach volleyball. There are few competitive co-ed teams. There are more women's NCAA volleyball teams than men's. Mostly women play volley-ball but men can also play for fun or to compete with may other men who love to play volley-ball also.

Why does volleyball have a good impact on the youth children?

It is a highly competitive sport, yet it is not physical. Games normally last a long time and it is a team sport. Everyone gets involved.