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Yes it is.

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Q: Is volleyball a competitive sport
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Why is volleyball competitive?

Volleyball is competitive just like any other sport out there. Who doesn't love to get excited and win?

The officials in volleyball and their duties?

The duties of officials in volleyball are to enforce rules and ensure fair place. This helps to keep the sport competitive and balanced.

Is volleyball popular?

Volleyball is very popular because it is competitive and fun to watch. it is very popular in southern California, and in 2007 was the 2nd most popular sport.

Why does volleyball have a good impact on the youth children?

It is a highly competitive sport, yet it is not physical. Games normally last a long time and it is a team sport. Everyone gets involved.

Is volleyball not considered sport?

Volleyball is a sport.

When did all volleyball become an olympic sport?

When did volleyball become an olympic sport???????????? When did volleyball become an olympic sport????????????

What are some hobbies or sports that is in Algeria?

Soccer is the most widely played and watched sport in Algeria. Competitive volleyball has also gained popularity in the area.

Volleyball health facts?

Over the past 30 years volleyball has developed from a recreational activity into a highly competitive and skilled sport. Although the game brings many health benefits, injuries can and do occur. Most injuries can be prevented.

Is volleyball a winter sport?

Yes volleyball can be a winter sport if you play it indoors.

When did volleyball become a international sport?

volleyball became an international sport in 1949.

Is volleyball an Olympic game?

Yes, they have indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. Indoor volleyball has been a medal sport in the Summer Olympics since 1964. Beach volleyball debuted as a demonstration sport at the 1992 Games and became a medal sport in 1996.

Is Netball a competitive sport?

Yes, netball is a very competitive sport

Is volleyball considered an alternative sport?

No. Volleyball is a popular sport requiring special skills, but it is not an 'alternative' sport. "Alternative sports" are those classified as extreme or adventure sports, and volleyball does not fit into this category.

Is volleyball more of a boys sport?

No volleyball is mainly a girl sport like football is mainly a guy sport. Sometimes guys can play volleyball but for the most part it's girl.

What is hellen Keller favorite sport?

What was her fav sport I think 🤔 track because running with her dog

What sport is not considered an alternative sport?

volleyball APEX

Is volleyball an easy sport to play?

In my opinion, it is. It is because it involves less movement and more team work. It only requires few strategies in order to master it. You also need to have a good arm to be accurate. -------------------------------------------------------- One thing you must understand is volleyball as a backyard game and volleyball as a competitive sport are two very different situations. As a backyard game, volleyball can be very simple, where the only thing you have to do is keep the ball off the ground. However, as a competitive sport, it is difficult to master. The earlier answer is incorrect about the amount of movement involved. Volleyball players must have very fast reflexes and they travel around the court all the time. Teamwork is a major factor, but if your team has bad communication, then nothing gets done and the ball drops. It's difficult and don't be fooled by people who say otherwise.

Is volleyball a summer sport?

Yes, there is beach volleyball as well as indoor volleyball.

Which sport had more teamwork soccer or Volleyball?


Is volleyball is a racquet sport?

A racquet is not used for volleyball.

When did volleyball become a school sport?

it is not a sport

What is the difference between a competitive and lifetime sport?

a competitive sport is usually a team effort, a lifetime is about what your doing for the sport while you're in it

Why is volleyball a good sport?

volleyball is a good sport because you use you upper body as well as your lower body

Should volleyball be considered a sport?

yes volleyball should be considered a sport. because you use your arms and legs.

When was Volleyball established as a national sport for Sri Lanka?

In 1991, Sri Lanka declared that Volleyball was its national sport.