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Q: How do people know if they need new basketball shoes?
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What do you need to play basketball?

You need a court and a basketball, the right clothes to wear, people to play with, you need to know the rules, a hoop, the right shoes, and a good attitude.

What equipment do you need in youth basketball?

Shoes and a basketball.

What you need for basket- ball?

All you need to play basketball is basketball shoes, basketball, two nets, and a court.

Can you Play D1 Basketball What do you need to do?

you need a basketball court shoes a ball mouth guard jersey

What equipment is used in basketball?

In basketball all you need is some basketball shorts some basketball shoes and a basketball hoop and ball.

Describe the difference between tennis and basketball shoes?

Tennis shoes need to stablize and protect a players feet, so they don't get injured. Basketball shoes need to support and need to be flexible so that a player can easily change directions and jump.

Read Reviews for Basketball Success?

Are you a basketball player? Even if you just play recreationally, you need to get the best shoes that you can for the game. If you are trying to choose between Nike Shox and generic shoes, make sure that you read some reviews. Find out if other people think that the shoes perform as well as they should. They need to give you ankle support and traction, and they need to last through rough games.

Do you need high top shoes for basketball?

You can afford sketchers

What do you have to have for basketball?

If you are doing basketball like for the city or your school then you will need shorts, basketball shoes, and a basketball (If they don't have enough, usually they do though). If you are doing it with friends or family or by yourself, you don't have to have shorts but it's easier to run in and you don't need basketball shoes especially if you are outside because if you use your shoes outside, they won't be able to do as well inside. Finally, obviously if you don't have a basketball, you need one. *Also, if you're thinking about joining a team be prepared for fitness training and some small fees for the coach, equipment, etc.

What equipment do basketball players need?

shoes, basketball uniform or suitable clothing, basketball- women size 6 men size 7, water,

What Equiptmemt do you need to play basketball?

Shoes, basketball, ankle braces (if u need them), mouthguard and any other objects you want to use to protect u.

What do you need for basketball?

A basketball, athletic shoes, goal, net, & backboard mounted on a pole. A level playing surface.

What special equipment do you need for basketball?

i don't think you need any - you need a uniform, proper shoes, a basketball and a drink bottle... but nothing "special" really... :)

Why people wear shoes?

WHAT!! why do people need shoes. well then I'll tell you ... IT HURTS WITHOUT THEM!!! WHAT!! why do people need shoes. well then I'll tell you ... IT HURTS WITHOUT THEM!!!

Do basketball players get new sneakers every game?

I wouldn't. Shoes need to be broken in and then they would be uncomfortable. If you broke your shoes I would but otherwise no.

What type of sports equipment do you need to play basketball?

He will of course need some shoes. Make sure you get running shoes which are high top in order to protect his ankles. He will also need some practice clothes as well.

What education and training do you need to play basketball?

You need to know the fundamentals.

Why do many people buy shoes from Tunisia?

because they need shoes

What equipment is needed for sports?

well, it depens on your sport. if its soccer you need cleats, and shingards. if its football, you need various padding, and a helmet, and dont forget the mouth-guard. if its baseball/softball you need softball/baseball cleats, a bat, and a helmet if its volleyball, you need knee pads and good sports shoes if its basketball, you need basketball shoes/good running shoes and a mouth guard(optional)

What kind of equipment is required for basketball?

1. ok...well from what i can see you need a COURT!! 2. Also you need a basketball hoop. 3. you need at least 2 players to get a game going 1 on 1. or you can get as many people as you want but only 5 players on each team on the court a total of 10 players. 4. you don't need this but it helps! Basketball shorts, pants. Basketball shoes {to help support your ankles.}{don't wear flip flops no grip!} Basketball shirt and if you need a brace if u have weak ankles. 5. NO JEWLERY!!! AT ALL!

Do I really need something as specific as the Nike Lunarglide to run?

You do not need the Nike Lunar Glide to run, but you do need a shoe specific for running. Running shoes offer different support and cushion than cross training shoes or aerobic or even basketball shoes and should be worn to prevent injury.

Are the Nike Lunarglide shoes running shoes or athletic shoes?

By definition the Nike lunarglide 1's are running shoes as they are designed for the sole purpose of running. An athletic shoe is a shoe designed for special athletic demands, such as basketball shoes need grip or hardwood floors, or track shoes.

What do NBA players need to know?

how to shoot a basketball

What kind of math do you need to know in basketball?

Quadratics, to be able to calculate the parabolas when one shoots a basketball.

What are the materials and equipments used in basketball?

All you need is a Basketball court to play on (outside or inside along with a Basketball hoop) basketball (get one for dick sporting goods and if it runs out of air a pump ),and Penni's/jerseys for a game or scrimmage.For you a sweat shirt/jersey, shorts and some basketball shoes.