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run a bit faster, buddy!!!!

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Q: How can i get a better time in 100m sprints?
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What is a good time for an average 12 year old boy in the 100m sprints?

under 13 would be very good, under 14 quite good. im sure the best girls out there will be running under 12 when theyre about 15 ------- I'm 13, & when I was 12 I ran the 100m. My record was just below 12 seconds.

Who won the 2008 100m Olympic sprints?

speed elephants

What are track sprints?

You sprint for 100m. and see what time you get. Track sprints (aka wind sprints) are used by runners for building endurance and response times, in the hopes of shaving a few precious fractions of a second off their competitive finishes.

What equipment is needed for the 100m sprints?

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What women won 100m sprints for 2000 Sydney Olympics?

No one

Who won the 100m and 200m sprints in the Olympics game in 2008?

Usain bolt

Do taller people run faster?

They have longer strides which gives them an advantage in sprints such as the 100m and 200m.

What is 4 x 1 in Track and field?

the 4 by 1 is a relay team that sprints a 100m dash.

Track athletes who specialize in the 100m and 200m sprints have what type of muscle in their limbs?

fast twitch muscle fiber

What are all of the Olympic events?

4x 400 m relay 4x100m relay sprints/ swimming 100m sprints 200m sprints 42 km race mountan biking bmx 100m swimming 400m swimming soccer discus pole fault diving gymnastics sinkronised swimming javalien shotput long jump high jump thats all i think so 20 events

Mens three fastest 100m sprints?

Usain Bolt 9.58s 2009Usain Bolt 9.69s 2008Tyson Gay 9.69s 2009