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4x 400 m relay

4x100m relay sprints/ swimming

100m sprints

200m sprints

42 km race

mountan biking


100m swimming

400m swimming



pole fault



sinkronised swimming



long jump

high jump

thats all i think so 20 events

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Q: What are all of the Olympic events?
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Where can you find a schedule for all the Olympic events?

It is posted on the Olympic website.

How many events are there in the Olympic decathlon?

There are ten events in olympic decathlon

What happens to the Olympic pool when all games finish?

Still used as an Olympic pool for practice and events.

How many countries participate in all Olympic events?


What are all the centres where olympic events took place?


What sports are played at the Olympic Games?

All the Olympic events can be seen on one page in the Wikipedia article on the events of the games. They are divided into the Summer and the Winter portions, and separate tables are set up for discontinued events and for demonstration events.

Why did the olympic game stop?

Because all of the events were over and all the medals were handed out....

What distance are all olympic rowing events raced over?


In which olympic sport are all events open to men women?


In which Olympic sport are all events open to men and women?


What are all the tracking events that take place in the Olympics?

olympic track

How many events are there in all of the Olympics including the Winter Olympic Games?

There are 21 Winter [ranked] sporting events

List of events in the olympics?

The bbc have a list and the timetable for all the events on there website under the Olympic tab

Which olympic sports are all events open to both men and women?


Are women in all the olympic events?

yes they are. boxing was the last event that they were in 2012

How do you get the dream events in Mario and sonic at the olympic winter games?

Finish the festival mode and play all the events you currently have.

An olympic event containing 3 events?

An Olympic event containing three events is called a "Triathlon."

How long all together does all the London Olympic games running events go for?

3 days

How many events will there in the 2012 olympic?

302 events

Is there an age restriction for fencing in Olympics?

The age restriction for Olympic fencing is the same as all other Olympic events, which is 15 years of age.

How many people will view the opening olympic events?

4 billion people will view the opening olympic events

How many medals has Ireland won total in all Winter Olympic events?


What countries participated in 2004 Olympic swimming events?

all of the countries that were in Beijing i guess,

In which olympic sport are all events open to both men and women?

ice hockey

How many events in decathalon?

There are ten events in an Olympic Decathlon. Some of the events include running, shooting a rifle, bicycling, and swimming. The decathlon takes two days for all of the events to be finished.