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how can a Jamaican get a job in Basketball

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Q: How can a Jamaican get a career in basketball?
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How many basketball players have a career playing basketball?

I would say a lot because you can make a lot of money playing basketball as a career.

How is basketball a career?

Basketball is a sporting career. In the NBA you play for a team and you play for money. The contract you get tells you how much you get a year.

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Robert Parish.

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Christian Laettner began his career as an American former professional basketball player, entrepreneur, and a basketball coach. His career now is with the Jacksonville Giants as a coach.

What percentage of college basketball athletes have career ending injuries?

There is a decent portion of college basketball athletes that have a career-ending injury. It is estimated that at least 10 percent end their career this way.

What did Magic Johnson contribute to the world?

His basketball career.

Which is a better career basketball or football?

That really depends on what you like. Whatever sport you like better would be the better career choice to make. In terms of money, than basketball. Basketball. More pay and less injuries.

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He is a great basketball player, I look forward to watching him were ever he continue his basketball career!

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