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i do not now

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Q: Who holds the record in basketball for the most career fouls?
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Which NBA player holds the career record for flagrant fouls?

Rasheed Wallace

Who holds the NCAA men's basketball career 3 point record?

JJ Redick with 457 career threes

Who holds the NCAA Division I women's basketball career blocks record?

Sandora Irvin TCU

Who holds the Atlantic coast conference men's basketball career points record?

J.J. Redick of Duke.

What coach holds the most college basketball technical fouls?

Bob Knight

How many blocks does Hakeem Olajuwon have?

According to Basketball Reference, Hakeem had 3,830 blocks in his career and holds the NBA record for career blocked shots.

Who holds the record as of 2007 for most technical fouls in a season?

Rasheed Wallace

What NBA player holds the record for the most fouls in a season?

Wilt Chamberlin

Who holds the MLB career hits record?

Pete Rose holds the career record with 4,256 hits.

Who holds the NCAA women's basketball career points record?

Jackie Stiles (Southwest Missouri State, 2001) holds the NCAA record with 3,393 points during her college career. Referenced at

Who holds the record for second most technical fouls in nba history?

Rasheed Wallace

Who holds the mariners career record for grand slams and how many?

who holds the mariners career record for grand slams how many