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Q: What basketball player had the most points in his career?
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What Duke basketball player has most career points?

Johnny Dawkins

Which Jewish basketball NBA player has the most career points?

Dolph Schayes

What pro basketball player has the second most career points?

Karl Malone

What player holds the most points in his career in Pro basketball?

It just has to be jonny 'james' jones

Which indivoual player in his career scored the most points in ncaa basketball history?

pete maravich

What basketball player scored the most career points in Michigan State history?

Scott skiles

What basketball player had most points in NBA?

Kareem Abdul-Jabber has the most in a career (38387 points in a career) but in 1 game it was Wilt 'the stilt' Chamberlain, he scored 100 points in a single NBA game.

What player holds the individual record for most points in a season and a career in men's NCAA Div you basketball?

Division One is Pete Maravich of LSU with 1381 points in 1970 and 3667 in his career.

Who is the college basketball player to score the most points ever?

John Pierce of David Lipscomb College class of '94 scored 4230 points in his career.

Which NCAA basketball player has scored the most points?

The NCAA website says that the most career points record in NCAA basketball belongs to Travis Grant, Kentucky State (Div II) who last played in 1972. His career total is listed as 4,045 points. The site says that Pete Maravich, LSU, holds the career point record in Division I play, with 3,667 points.

Who has the most career points for lady's high school basketball?

Lisa Leslie

Who scored the most basketball career points in history?

I think micheal jordan

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