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If the bowler does a no ball and that is counted as 1 run. The if the batsman hits that no ball for a four, the that is 5 runs from 1 ball

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Q: How batsman gets 5 runs in 1 ball?
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If batsman hit a ball and go for a 1 run and if in return the fielder overthrows the ball and the ball hit the helmet on the ground how much runs will be counted will be it is 5 or 6 and will this run?

there will only b a penalty run for the batsman . so he gets 2 runs

2 batsmen on 94 each 7 to win off 3 balls fall of wicket is not allowed both reach 100 how?

Batsman 1 hits the 1st ball behind the keeper and the ball hits bat pad fielder helmet which is behind the keeper, so batsman 1 gets 5 runs and in the next ball batsman 1 scored another one run. So batsman 1 reached 100 runs and he crossed the pitch. Now 1 ball, 1 run to win and batsman 2 is about to strike. He hits the amazing six which makes him score the century and also team won the match. So in 3 balls both the batsman scored their century without fall of wicket. I hope above is the right answer. Thank u Regards, Karthick Batsman 1 hits the 1st ball to 4 runs in the next ball batsman 1 scored 3 runs but umpire declares one run short now batsman 1 complete his century and batsman 2 is on strike and team needs one run to win Now 1 ball, 1 run to win and batsman 2 is about to strike. He hits the amazing six which makes him score the century and also team won the match. Regards, Sanjit

How can a bats man score in cricket?

1.By striking the ball and running between the Wickets until a fielder returns the ball. 2. Strike the ball along the ground past the Boundaries - 4 runs. 3.Strike the ball over the boundaries [in the air] - 6 runs Illegal deliveries: wides and no-balls result in runs which are not credited to the batsman. Runs taken when the batsman has not struck the ball or have struck the ball with his body(instead of the bat) are called byes and legbyes and are not credited to the batsman.

Can 2 batsman be out off 1 ball in cricket?


How will a batsman hit 50 runs in 1 over?


You had that there is a situation for 7runs per ball Can anybody explian the situations behind that pl?

When a batsman hits sixer on a no-ball its 7 runs per ball. Although no-ball is not counted in over but it is said that 7 runs are scored on 1 ball. *** Threre's an example of a batsman getting 7 runs off 1 legal ball,when in Australia(2006),Australia and England were playing in an ashes test,flintoff bowled to Michael clarke and he hit down to mid on,which hoggard went to chase down,the batsman took 3 runs in meanwhile.hoggard chased the ball and threw to pieterson,then pieterson,unnecessirilly,threw the ball to the wicketkeeper who completely missed that one and the ball went on to b a four,so it was 7 runs as a whole to Clarke off 1 legal ball. Also, recently Andrew Symonds scored 8 on one delivery; the ball was stopped short of the boundary while they ran four, then was overthrown for the others.

Name the batsman who has hit the most runs in a single over in any IPL match?

Chris Gayle. He hit 30 from 5 balls in an over. The other batsman (Saurabh Tiwary) scored 1 of the first ball of the over. Overall = 31 runs.

What is a cricket century?

Is When a batsman scores 100 runs in 1 innings

Can two players be run out in 1 ball in the game of cricket?

No, They can't because as soon as one batsman is out it is dead ball. You cannot get out while the ball is dead.

2 batsman on pitch each on 94. 7 runs to win in 3 balls. both made unbeaten 100 how?

First batsman hit 4 next they will run for 3 runs with 1 run short.First batsman completes his 100.Still need 1 run to win Second batsman hits 6.Second batsman hits 6. My question to you give me other possibility in the same scenario...

Two batsmen batting in 94 not out The team needs 7 runs to win Only 3 balls left Both batsmen remain unbeaten on 100 How is it possible?

Batsman 1 hits six. Next ball he is caught but the batsmen crossed. Batsman 2 is now on strike and hits a six off the last ball.

Who is the No-1 batsman in the world?

Mike Hussay is the number 1 batsman in the world

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