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You can do sprints, long distance runs, and other aerobic and cardiovascular activities.

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Q: How basketball player training?
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Training required to become a basketball player?

Where would you get any training or an education for basketball?

Basketball player required education and training?

There is no education required to become a basketball player, other than basketball knowledge. Much training, however, is necessary. One cannot be a good player unless a large amount of training is put in.

How much training does it take to be a profenshinal basketball player?

Everyday practice .

Will athletic training increase my basketball skills?

Yes, to some extent training will help you become a better player. It will help increase stamina and speed. Basketball specific training would be more helpful.

Is it possible to get trained in Basketball by watching Basketball Training Videos?

You may actually have to get out there on the court and shoot some hoops. However, the training videos are a very smart compliment to your thirst for excellence. No, it is not possible to be trained in basketball by watch training videos. Videos can be an aid to your basketball education, but only active practice can train you to become a basketball player.

What math classes are required to become a basketball player?

u don't need to go to math classes to required basketball player you need to go to training and be fit

What is the best basketball training video I can buy for my son?

Player Development, an 8-disc set by Better Basketball, is a top-rated training video, featuring former NBA players.

What training does a basketball player need?

bacome a professional athlete, lots of practice and work with others who are better than you are.

What is a basketball player?

A basketball player is a person who plays basketball, especially professionally.

Who is Grant Prusator?

a basketball player a basketball player

Who is the best athlete a soccer player or basketball player?

Basketball player

Who is Lebron James the basketball player?

LeBron James the basketball player is LeBron James the basketball player.

What training is needed to become a pro basketball player?

intense trainnig everyday has to be in shape if you under 6ft you have to be a very very good player. also if you over

Work environment for a basketball player?

where do a basketball player work

What principles of training are needed for basketball?


What training do you need to play basketball?

You need sprinting training, pushups, and weightlifting.

Who makes the best training videos for young basketball players? and both offer well-respected basketball training videos.

Why do basketball player benefit from continuous training?

It imporves the Cardiovascular Endurance, so that they can keep the pace when running back and forth on the court. :)

Are there any good basketball training videos for someone who has absolutely no basketball skills?

Yes, there are. Some good basketball training videos for someone with no skills can be found on this website:

Basketball player picture?

Search basketball player on google images.

What education do basketball players need?

To be a basketball player you have to be a student player

Whos's the tallest women basketball player?

Who is the tallest basketball player

Where to get training for basketball?

At a basketball court. Try and join a program or a team to improve better.

How do you become a basketball player?

play basketball

What is in the inside of a basketball jersey?

the basketball player!