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In many schools if you have an F you can't play any sports, so that will make you keep your grades up if you want to play Basketball.

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Q: How basketball helps you keep your grades up?
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How does basketball help in school?

Well in some schools if you have a F you can't play so you have to keep your grades up to play basketball.

You are a basketball player in Cameroon and you want to play US college basketball because you think you are good enough?

Kid, don't give up your dream. If you are that good, keep your grades up in school, try out for the team, and play hard for minutes.

What are positive things of basketball?

keep your eye on the ball and keep your mometum up and do not give up in any sport that is my positive things about basketball keep your eye on the ball and keep your mometum up and do not give up in any sport that is my positive things about basketball

What if you get cut in grade school basketball game?

You can't play and try and get your grades up to play next quarter, basketball season lies between two grading periods so there is always a chance to get your grades up.

How do you get to be a varsity basketball player?

well it really depends are you talking like junior high or high school or just elementry cause all you really have to do is keep up average grades and try your best even when it isn't basketball season just keep practising

Are A's B's good grades?

Very Good Grades... Especially the a's keep this up

Do the people who play sports get better grades?

They have to keep their grades up in order to stay on the team.

A sentence for endeavor?

The girl will endeavor to keep up her grades

How do you become a honor roll student?

Keep up with your grades.

How can you get in an honors class?

You have to get all your grades up to good grades and keep it like that until it is the end of the year

Why am I a failure I get very bad grades?

your not a failure keep working hard and youll get ur grades up

How do you get your grades up easy?

turning in all of your stuff usually helps with that a lot.

How important is it to get all A?

Very important! Stay in school! Keep your grades up!

How do you keep your grades up in math?

study a little bit every night

How did you pass the seventh grade?

It is not like elementary where you can have bad grades and still move on you HAVE to have good grades or you fail and if you have f's and want to do a sport you can't you HAVE to keep your grades up!

What is the secret to basketball?

There is no secret to basketball. All you have to do is have skill. Keep working on it and dont give up. xD ~Jokrissy

Why do you wish to be in the AVID program?

It will help you to keep your grades up and help you on your college application.

Does a A student deserves and iPhone?

YES. only he or she can keep their grades up. so absolutely

What is the best way to get good grades?

Keep trying don't give up and study hard the rest is up to you.

Should students have to have good grades to play sports in America?

Yes because grades are very important in life. They can be very helpful when it comes to job interviews. So you need to keep your grades up by doing good in school, so that includes studying and homework! So when you're at basketball or football or baseball practice then you won't have time to do homework after school. It may not seem like homework is important but it can really bring your grades up, so that's why students do need good grades to play sports in America

Does warming up during basketball help or hinder performance?

helps, when warming up you are streching out ad loosening the muscles to become more relaxed, as well as you helping keep up your game. Re-winding badketball into your brain....

Describe how sport can enhance children's educational needs?

they are going to want to stay on the team and they have to have good grades so they are going to keep their grades up

Why do basketball players wear warm up uniforms?

to keep their muscles/arms warmed up for the game

How do you talk your parents into buying you a dog?

ask to pay for it with your money and keep bringing it up and dont forget to keep your grades up, be good, be perfect for 1 month

What is swarm?

Swarm is an app that helps you keep up and meet up with your friends.