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By their numbers on the back of there t-shirt

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Q: How are the runners Identified in cross country?
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What does a cross country running eat?

I am currently in cross country, and I am a cross country runner. Cross country runners basically eats a lot of fruit to keep healthy. What matters most for cross country runners is keeping their urine clear.

How many cross country runners are there?

On a highschool cross country team there can be seven runners that score points for the team. These runners are considered varsity and run in the bigger meets for the team.

What are some famous cross country runners?

bob duncan

How many runners can be on a cross country running team?

For high school, the top seven runners are the varsity runners. The top five to cross the finish line are scored for the team. Everyone else is junior varsity.

Can you compete in high school cross country as a team with only 5 runners?

Yes, 5 runners score points.

How many high school cross country runners in US?

about 57,667 highschool atletes run cross country in the US according to online

Varsity letter cross country?

You must be in the top 7 runners on your team to be on Varsity.

Can cross country runners eat anything they want?

yes, except for raw meat

What symbol of the red cross society is identified in almost every country?


What is a good cross country score?

A good score in a cross country race where you run 7 runners and score the top 5 is 15. 15 is also a perfect score which is only achieved if your top 5 runners finish in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places.

Where can you find children's cross country shoes?

I use db sports, runners world, eastbay and fitnesssports

What is a cross runners mass if a cross country runner has a velocity of 4 ms and a kinetic energy of 3.9 N-M?

3.9 nm = how many meters

Are skeletoes good for cross-country?

Yes they are because they can be used on any terrain and a lot of Marathon runners use them.

What does the starter say at the start of a cross country race?

At just about every official cross country meet I've been to it's either On your marks, get set, then the gun, or just Runners take your marks, then the gun.

Do you know about Mizuno's cross country spikes?

The Mizuno cross country spikes are a high demand shoe that is usually used for long distance track runners. It is a very high quality product that anyone should consider it.

What is a good 5k run to get into a college for women cross country?

Some of the best runners are around the 18 minute mark and below.

How meany people can run cross country is a middle school team?

Depending on the race there may be a limit to the runners. Usually the limit is the top 7 runners. The top 5 runners score and the last two are used if there is a tie breaker needed, or someone has been disqualified.

How many miles do cross country runners run?

Being on my high school cross country team, I have teamates that will run 20 miles in a week sometimes and i also have other teamates that run 60 miles per week sometimes.

What is a good time for high school cross country runners?

20-25 minutes for a girl but I don't know for guys

What does it mean to be all conference in high school cross country?

In Illinois, at least, making All-Conference means that you are one of the top 14 fastest runners in your conference.

Which country is called runner's country?

the country called runners country is Kenya

What is a bib in the Olympics?

A bib number is the number that the athlete wears on their person and is how they are identified. Same as marathon runners.

How do you score cross country races?

In a varsity race, the first five runners on a team score. Each runner that crosses the finish line scores their place for their team. The five runners' places are totaled and that is the score for that team (so if a team's runners placed 1, 8, 10, 15 and 18, their score ould be 52). The team with the lowest score wins.

Can you name all sports with the word 'cross' in them?

Cyclo- cross, cross-country mountainbiking, horse cross-country, cross-country rally, motorcross, supercross, cross-country running, cross-country skiing, boardercross, golfcross, lacrosse, and polocrosse.

What type of diet is best for biking?

Cycling is basically an endurance sport, so you should do well with the same diet as other endurance athletes, cross-country skiers, runners ASO.