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a double hit.

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Q: Hitting the ball two times in a row is call what in volleyball?
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What is a lift in volleyball?

A lift is when you 'hold' the ball and lift it up rather than hitting it. If the ball hits the palm of the hand, most refs will call a lift. Most of the strikes need to be hard and deliberate to ensure they can't call it. Point to the other side.

What do you call hitting the ball before it bounces in tennis?

A 'volley'.

Why is it important to call the ball in Volleyball?

It is important to call the ball because if you don't 2 people could be aiming for the ball and they can run in to each other really badly.

What will be the call if the volleyball lands on the services line?

"In" If any part of the ball lands on the end or side line then the ball is in.

What is line judge in volleyball?

It is people who stand on opposite ends on the court in volleyball. They call whether the ball is in or out of the court deciding who gets the point.

What is a call when you are up at the net and you prevent the other team from spiking the ball in volleyball?

It is called blocking.

In volleyball if a ball hits the line what call is made?

If the ball hits the line then the ball is called in. But if its even a little bit over the line then its out and the other team gets the ball.

Foul where the ball rests in the hands and is lifted upward?

In high school volleyball, you could call it a lift - the high school rulebook lists several illegal actions for the same call - ball comes to rest - prolonged contact, etc. "Lifted" is one of the terms used. In USA Volleyball, it would be a caught ball.

Are you allowed to cross the line before you serve in volleyball?

No, if you do, then the referee will call the ball and both the ball and the points go to the other team. You can only cross the line after you have served the ball.

Do you call volleyball or bolleyball?


Can a base umpire make a call on a ball hitting the batter in the box without an appeal from the plate umpire?

Yes they can.

What rhymes with volleyball?

anything that ends in "all".... ball all baseball call y'all..... hope this helps