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The offending player would most likely get a straight red, and a penalty would be awarded.

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Q: High tackle inside the penalty area?
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Penalties in soccer?

Happens when a foul is committed inside the penalty area. (e.g. bad tackle or handball).

Can a goalkeeper inside the penalty area use his hand to touch a ball outside the penalty area?

No. It doesn't matter where the goalkeeper is.The ballmust be in the penalty area (on the line is inside) for the keeper to touch it.

Can a goalie use his hands while inside the penalty area?

Only within their own penalty area.

What is a direct kick against the defense in the goal area called?

If a foul is committed inside the goal area then it is also inside the penalty area. Any foul normally punishable by a direct free kick that is committed inside the penalty area by the defense is changed to a penalty kick.

Who can be in the penalty area when a penalty kick is taken?

When a penalty kick is taken, only the kicker, the goalkeeper, the referee, and one assistant referee are allowed to be inside the penalty area.

What is it called when a player touches the ball with their hand inside the penalty box?

They must do it deliberately. If they do, then it is called deliberate handling. If they do it inside their own penalty area then it would be a penalty kick for the opponents.

During a penalty kick in soccer what players may be inside the penalty area?

The kicker and the defending goal keeper.

Can a goalkeeper be fairly charged outside his own goal area?

Certainly he can. The penalty area allows him to handle the ball WITHIN that area, but as long as the tackle is legal, he can be challenged wherever he is on the pitch.

Why is there a half circle at each of the penalty boxes in Soccer?

Because when a penalty is taken all the other players cannot be inside this area or in the penalty box itself.

Can a goal keeper handle a ball that is inside the penalty area if they are outside the area?

The ball position is all that matters.

If a tripping offense is committed on the line of the penalty area by a defending player what is the correct restart?

The line is part of the area it contains meaning that "on the line" is also "inside the area." So, a player trips an opponent. This is a Direct Free Kick offense. Also, it was a defender inside their own Penalty Area, this Direct Free Kick is now upgraded to a Penalty Kick.

What type of kick is awarded for a hand ball?

A direct free kick if handled outside the defender's penalty area. A penalty kick if handled inside the offender's penalty area. It can be considered misconduct also, under some circumstances.

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