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No. It doesn't matter where the goalkeeper is.The ballmust be in the penalty area (on the line is inside) for the keeper to touch it.

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2013-03-05 22:19:22
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Q: Can a goalkeeper inside the penalty area use his hand to touch a ball outside the penalty area?
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Can a goalkeeper catch the ball outside the box if his feet are inside?

No because the parts of the body in the box, the goal keeper can touch. If the goal keepers hands are out the box they cant touch it. when the 'keeper's hands in contact with the ball were inside or on the penalty area line, then no infringement occurred and no verbal announcement of any sort is necessary by the Referee or Assistant. There is no hand ball even if the rest of the keeper is outside the penalty area. If kicking from hand by the goal keeper and the ball is released but then crosses outside the penalty area then again no infringement. However, the officials must be vigilant that the ball was indeed released before crossing the white line. If however,the ball was not released until after the goalkeeper's hands were outside the penalty area, then the proper restart is a direct free kick, not an indirect free kick. And, to just clarify, there is no such thing as "a possibility of a sending off for deliberate hand ball" unless the goalkeeper handled the ball outside his penalty area to prevent it from going into the net.

Can a goalkeeper touch the ball that passed by teammate when an opponent is in the penalty box?

No, the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball directly after a teammate has kicked it to him. The presence of an opponent in the penalty area is irrelevant. The Laws of the Game do not make accommodations for bad play or poor strategy.

May a goalkeeper touch the ball with is hand when standing on the edge of the penalty area?

As long as the ball is inside their penalty area a goal keeper may handle the ball. The position of the ball is important. The position of the goal keeper is not.

Can a keeper run up to the penalty box throw the ball forward leave the penalty area and kick it further?

Yes. The goalkeeper may leave the penalty area at any time during play, but cannot touch the ball with his hands while outside of the area.

What area can the goalkeeper handle the ball?

The goal keeper may touch the ball with his hands and arms in his team's penalty area.

Can a goalkeeper touch with his hands a ball that is outside his box although his feet are inside the box?

No. When determining whether a goalkeeper may touch a ball with his hands, only the position of the ball matters. If the ball had not crossed (or touched the plane above) the boundary of the goalkeeper's own penalty area, it would be considered deliberate handling, The restart would be a direct free kick at the location of the handling. The goalkeeper might be cautioned if the act prevented the development of a promising goal scoring opportunity in the opinion of the referee. The goalkeeper might be sent off if the ball would have entered the net if not for the handling (and without being touched again by any player) in the referee's opinion.

Who is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands in soccer?

The designated goalkeeper for the team may use their hands and arms to touch the ball while in their own penalty area.

Can the opposition be in the penalty area whilsta goal kick is being taken?

Not legally. No player is allowed in the penalty area whilst a goal kick is being taken other than the player taking the goal kick (usually the goalkeeper). If anotehr outfield player takes the goal kick then the goalkeeper can be in the penalty area. No player is allowed the touch the ball after the kick is taken until it leaves the penalty area.

Can a goalkeeper go in opponent penalty area and use his hand or punched it to score a goal?

No, once he leaves his box he is no longer allowed to touch the ball with his hands.

What happens if you touch the ball but you are goalie?

A goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball with their hands when the ball is inside their own penalty area. If a goal keeper does so outside of the area, then a direct free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

Can the goalie touch the ball with their hand?

Yes. The goal keeper can touch the ball with their hands when inside their own penalty area.

Is it always a penalty to touch the ball with your hands?

No. It is only a penalty kick if you do it deliberately, in your own penalty area, and are not the goalkeeper. Otherwise it is a direct free kick offence.Under certain circumstances, for example doing it to deny a goal-scoring opportunity, it can also result in a send off.

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