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Yes, and if you have a skateboard be careful not to use any tricks that you've wanted, and like those other people died on a skateboard, and it's really hard and dangerous to use a trick in a skateboard.

Please do not use a skateboard trick.

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โˆ™ 2010-12-13 15:34:16
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Q: Has anyone died while doing a trick on a skateboard?
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What is the easiest skateboard trick to do?

The easiest trick to do while getting the board off the ground is an ollie.

What is an ollie?

An Ollie is a skateboarding trick. It is basically a jump while on a skateboard.

How do you do a shuvit on a skateboard?

the object is to push your front foot forward while its on the nose of the board. while you doing that, you need to bring your back foot behind you. its like your trying to run but instead you scrap the grip tape with your foot this trick requires the skill to ollie.

What is that skateboard trick that you held the board in your hand and then jump up onto something then put the board back to your feet while you jump down?

Caveman I think.

Did Harry Houdini die when said or was it a trick?

No Harry Houdini died of a illness and not while doing any famous trick. I think it was a infection of the appendics.

What Was The First skateboard trick?

I don't know if this is the first "trick" or not but when I was a kid the only skateboards available were the ones we made ourselves. We would take the metal wheels off of roller skates and bolt them on to a small piece of plywood or some other board. The only trick anybody could do was what we called a "wheelie" where you put one foot on the very back (behind the rear wheels) and press down with that foot while slightly lifting the front foot so the front wheels would lift off the ground and the skateboard was rolling only on the back wheels. We used to have contests to see who could do the longest wheelie. After awhile some guys got pretty good at spinning around in circles while doing a wheelie. ==Hmmm...== As I recall, the first skateboard trick I learned was how to just stand up on it without falling off!

What happened to Justin Bieber's skateboard while he was filming the movie School Gyrls?

He was doing his faq dance on stage and a fan stole it (: FAQQit

Did david die?

Yes he did die, he cut himself in two while doing a magic trick. He died in 1999.

How do you fly in Mario Karts Wii?

im pretty sure there is no way to fly in Mario kart wii but, if you do a trick by going up a ramp or hill and shake your wii remote while your in the air you perform a trick and a trick is just like flying in the air for a while and when you land from the air to the ground , the trick gives you a boost right when you land from doing your trick.

Is it necessary that skateboard tail touches the ground while popping an Ollie?

no, sometimes i don't hit the ground when I'm doing an ollie but you don't do as high :)

What are some cool tricks to do with a skateboard?

There are many cool tricks that one could do with a skateboard while skating. One of the coolest things one can do with a skateboard is to grind rails or corners with the skateboard.

Did David Copperfield die?

Yes he did die, he cut himself in two while doing a magic trick. He died in 1999.

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