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It is all about balance if you but tii much weight forwrd thaat will happen

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โˆ™ 2010-01-05 15:13:52
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Q: How come i end up doing a frontside 180 when i try to ollie while moving on a skateboard?
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When was Frontside Ollie created?

Frontside Ollie was created on 2012-01-16.

If you are doing ollie you are doing what?

Either a skateboard trick, or a girl named Ollie ;)

What parts of a skateboard do you need the most when doing an ollie?

you need all the parts of a skateboard to ollie

Is ollie a skateboard trick?

An ollie is a skateboard trick. And an ollie is a vital part in almost every trick.

How do you do a jump on a skateboard?

first off its called an ollie and to ollie on a skateboard push down on the back of the board and jump with it while dragging your front foot in the air putting you in the air. Practice this ollie moving so you can master it faster

How do you ollie higher on a skateboard?

make sure you bring your nees up as high as you can and your moving as fast as you can!

How do you ollie with a heavy skateboard?

to ollie on a high skateboard you have to push twice as hard and slide your foot up

What can you do to stop being scared of trying to ollie on a skateboard?

here's an excellent tip to not be afraid of doing an ollie, do an ollie in the grass first, or on a trampoline. :) please give me a trust point.

Why do they call a jump on a skateboard an ollie?

ollie gelfland invented it

Is it necessary that skateboard tail touches the ground while popping an Ollie?

no, sometimes i don't hit the ground when I'm doing an ollie but you don't do as high :)

How do you ollie high while moving?

Practice doing ollies without moving. When you mastered an ollie without moving then just ride a little bit and ollie. Keep on riding longer and olling until you get the hang of it.

How do you make a jump on a skateboard?

you do an ollie

Can you ollie with no grip tape on your skateboard?

== ==

How do you perform a baby ollie?

get a skateboard and do it

What is an ollie?

An Ollie is a skateboarding trick. It is basically a jump while on a skateboard.

Is a hippie ollie a real trick on a skateboard?

yes a hippie ollie is a real trick. its just where your riding and you jump up and land on your skateboard. the skateboard stays on the ground but u jump. very different from an ollie.

What is a skateboard ollie?

an ollie is a way of getting to a higher ground. basically like if you were bmxing and were going to do a bunny hop except with a skateboard.

Is the skateboard trick spelled nollie or ollie?

there is 2 tricks there is a ollie and a nollie

What are the basic skateboard tricks?


Do you have to have a good skateboard to ollie?

If you are a good skateboarder, no. But you should probably practice on a good skateboard

What is a jump in the air by stamping on the tail of the skateboard?

an ollie

Is it easier to ollie with a skinny skateboard deck?

technically no

Skateboard tricks that start with ollie?

There are many tricks based on the ollie like the pop shove-it, kick flip, and heel flip just to name a few. The ollie is a trick vital to skateboarding, you want to master it before moving on to more advanced tricks.

Is there such trick as an ollie south?

No it's a fake skateboard trick

What is the strongest skateboard to ollie?

it would be a dark star board