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No. Nor has he ever been knocked down.

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Q: Has Floyd mayweather ever been knocked out?
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Has Floyd maywether ever been knock down?

no Floyd Mayweather has never been down

Has Floyd maywether ever lost a boxing match?

NO! as of yet Floyd mayweather jr has not lost a professional boxing bout.

Did he win against Floyd money mayweather?

No-One has ever beaten Floyd in a Proffesional Bout, He stands at 40-0-0

Did Floyd mayweather ever lose a fight?


Who was the most defensively skilled boxer ever?

Willie Pep, Bernard Hopkins and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Who is the highest paid athlete ever in the world?

It is difficult to determine the amount that an athlete has been paid. However, Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather have made as much as $100 million in a single year.

How many pro fights has Ricky Hatton ever lost?

once, to Floyd mayweather jr. he is 46-1 at the moment in his pro career

Who is the best beat boxer ever?

Floyd Money Mayweather why? Because he hasn't lost and he will never lose. He will be the only boxer that retires undrafted.

What is the highest amount a boxer has gained from a match?

Oscar De La Hoya ended up earning $52 million for the Floyd Mayweather bout, the highest purse ever for a fighter. The previous record was $35 million, held by Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Floyd Mayweather earned $25 million for the fight.

Is Floyd mayweather the best boxer ever?

It's a matter of opinion, but I say no. Sugar ray Robinson was the best, and Mayweather jr is way down the pecking order. But he is the best in the world TODAY (along with Pacquiao).

Has Floyd mayweather ever been on the canvas?

No but he was against Zab Judah but the referee didn't rule it as a knockdown. One of his hand touched the canvas but other than dat nobody in his entire career has been able to put him on the canvas because he is so hard to hit.

Has BJ penn ever been knocked out?


Who is the richest boxer ever?


Has anyone ever been knocked out during a NHL hockey fight?

Yes very many times.

Can Floyd mayweather beat manny?

Yes to be honest I think he can, Manny has been exposed by tactical counter punchers such as marquez. Goes off balance every now and then. Sometimes gets wild and throws random punches. He has looked impressive fightning guys that were weight drained or coming from losses or bad performances. Most of those guys were bigger slower guys willing to brawl with pacquiao. But guys that aren't willing to brawl like marquez frustrate Manny and get him off his game. Manny is a 1 dimensional fighter,boxes in a straight line. Open for counter punches. Floyd Mayweather is the best counter puncher out there. I'm sure he would expose Manny Pacquiao if they would ever meet if marquez almost did/can. Floyd has been in close fight and all. But hasn't been exposed like the way marquez does. His technical brilliance will constantly find errors in Manny and adjust. I think the beggining ill be close but Floyd Will find the weakness and operate like a surgent And most likely win by UD in my point of view.

Has Ecuador ever won a World Cup?

No. They have been at World Cup 2002 (where they were knocked out in the Group stages, but beat Croatia in the process), and 2006 (where they reached the last 16s to be knocked out by England).

What is a throw in in netball?

A thow in is when the ball has been knocked out of court.Which ever team knocked it out the opposite team will take the throw in. Depending where the throw in is being taken depends on which player will be best for taking the throw in/

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Was Anderson silva ever knocked out?

Nope, he has lost an unanimous decision, been DQ'd, and submitted twice but never knocked out. If you're a fan of the sport I would check out the video of him getting submitted by Ryo Chonan via flying scissor heel hook, it's truly one of the greatest submissons I have ever seen.

Has Brazil ever been knocked out in the first round of the soccer world cup?

yes once in 1956 they had only drew one of their 3 games

Does Floyd Mayweather Jr has more earnings than Manny Pacquiao?

Mayweather by far: First of all, Manny is known for having one of the worst contracts in boxing, where management takes ~27% of his earnings. Mayweather is known for keeping ~100% of his earnings. So not only does Mayweather earn a lot more, he actually keeps it while Manny shells out a big portion to other people. Mayweather De La Hoya was the largest PPV earning fight ever at $120MM, which earned Mayweather ~$25MM. The next closest PPV earning was Tyson Holyfied 2 at $35MM, so there is no way Manny Pacq has done numbers anywhere close. Mayweather earned ~$11MM for the Hatton fight and $25MM for De La Hoya... That's $36MM for his last 2 fights. Manny got ~$15MM for his De La Hoya fight and ~12 for the Hatton fight, or $27MM. If you factor in the actual payouts from that, Mayweather is over $16MM richer than Pacq in the last 2 fights alone.

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Did jeff hardy ever get knocked out in the WWE?

he was suspended twice

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No. Rick Wright died.

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