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i think its either cincinatti or cleveland.

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Q: Has any city ever won the mlb nfl and nba titles in the same year?
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Has any city ever won the MLB NHL NFL and NBA titles in the same year?

No, never in the same year.

Did any city ever win the NHL and NFL championships in the same year?

yes, Pittsburgh steelers and the Pittsburgh penguins both won championship titles in the same year which was 2009, no other city has ever done this before.

Has any city ever won the NHL and NFL titles in the same year?

2009 Pittsburgh Steelers and Pittsburgh Penguins!

Has any city ever won the NFL and NBA titles in the same year?

No city has ever won both NFL and NBA titles in the same year. Even though it did get close several times having teams from the same city in the NFL and NBA winning championships in consecutive season (like the 1947 Philadelphia Warriors - 1948 Philadelphia Eagles, 1982 Los Angeles Lakers - 1983 Los Angeles Raiders, etc.).

Has any city ever won three sport titles in one year MLB NFL NBA NHL?


Has any city ever won the MLB and NFL titles in the same year?

The Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series in October, 1979 and the Steelers won the Super Bowl in January, 1980.

Has a NHL team and NFL team from the same city ever won a championship in the same year?

Pittsburgh, 2009.

What universities have won both baseball and football NCAA titles in the same year?

2005 - Texas

Who won all grand slam tennis titles in the same year?

Rod Laver in 1962 and 1969.

Who has won both football and baseball in the same year?

No one has ever done this, Florida came close to winning all three major men's titles, winning football, basketball, and then comming in second in baseball

Have Christmas day and New Year's Day ever occurred in the same year?

Every year.

What year will be a leap year?

A leap year happens every 4 years the same year when ever the Olympics is on

Who won national titles in two sports?

Florida won the natonal championship in football and March madness in the same year

Was there ever a 1902 Carson City silver dollar?

No, the last year was 1893.

Can you ever breed a second leap year dragon?

Same as the first

Has any city ever won championships in football baseball and hockey in the same year?

Boston almost did it in 2007 but the patriots lost to the giants to ruin their perfect season

What city ever won championships in nfl football and mlb baseball in the same year?

Yes the new england patriots and the boston redsox both won championships in 2004.

Has any school ever won a national soccer title in both mens and womens in the same sport in the same year?

Only one school has won both men's and women's national soccer titles in the same year, and that school has done it not once, but three separate times. The school is Messiah College, and their men's and women's soccer squads have won their respective NCAA Division III titles in 2009, 2008, and 2002.The Messiah men's team also won national titles in 2006, 2005, 2004, and 2000.Sources:

Has any city won MLB nhl nfl in the same year?


What city has won the most championships in the same year?

the united states

Which was the first movie ever to have a sequel released the same year?

King Kong.

Did the summer and winter Olympics ever happen in the same year?

They did from 1924-1992.

Who is the only player to win the calendar year golden slam by winning all four grand slam titles and the Olympic gold medal in the same year?

man gina

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yes dot net project titles

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Yes I know of three children same birthday different year !

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