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In "modern football" there are no black colleges. Ever heard of desegregation?

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Q: Which NCAA black college football team has won the most anational championships in modern football?
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What is the modern equivalent to the roman colosseum?

Most college football stadiums.

What first country in Europe did football originate from?

Football in its modern from originated in England. There were many earlier local games from which it originated.

Football is invented by who?

The first modern documented evidence of soccer rules can be found in the rules laid down at England's Trinity College at Cambridge in 1848. The rules were known as the 'Cambridge Rules' back in the day. Hence in that sense it is pertinent to state that football was invented by the representatives of various universities across the UK, namely Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Shrewsbury, and Winchester. The first formal association to govern soccer was also born in England, in 1863. In that year, the Football Association (The FA) was formed to govern all the rules and solve any football related disputes arising in the UK. Today, the FA is still the highest authority governing football in England.

What is the differences between the modernday football and the footballs they used when they first invented the game of football?

Modern day footballs are actually more elongated, oval shaped then the original round ones.

Which sport was originated first hockey or flag football?

As Flag Football is a variation of American Football and this began in the Mid 19th Century and Flag Football would have come sometime after that, I would think that Hockey did come before Flag Football as Hockey has its origins in ancient times, but the modern form of field hockey was developed in the early 19th century.

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What is the modern equivalent to the roman colosseum?

Most college football stadiums.

How many conference championships does Michigan wolverines have in football?

Michigan claims 11 national championships in football. 7 of which are considered recognized titles in: 1901, 1902, 1932, 1933, 1947, 1948, 1997. Two of those, 1948 and 1997 are considered consensus national championships of the modern era of football. so figure what they have played from what they have won

What sports were in the first modern Olympics?

Farting Championships were played in the first modern Olympic games.

Who has won 4 college national championships in a row in football?

No. Fresno State's Paul Pinegar game the closest, winning his first three bowl games. But his team lost to Tulsa in the 2005 Liberty Bowl. West Virginia's Pat White has a chance to do it this season. He led his team to three bowl wins: the 2006 Sugar Bowl, the 2007 Gator Bowl, and the 2008 Fiesta Bowl. More impressively, two of his three wins were in BCS bowls.

What sports were played in the first modern Olympics?

Farting Championships were played in the first modern Olympic games.

When was Modern College of Management created?

Modern College of Management was created in 2008.

Which college football team holds the modern record for scoring in a 10-year period?

Boise State scored 41.4 points per game from 2000-2009.

What former college football players are currently in Pro football?

Actually, unlike Baseball, where the pros accept players right out of highschool, the NFL is made-up of about 98% college football players in modern times. The chances of making it to the pros in football is very slim unless you play for a college team. There are some exceptions and most of those players have never become famous or household names. So, the answer you require would contain a list of thousands of players. Maybe 4,000+ names. Too many to list here.

What are the helmets called that are used a lot in college football that arent revolutions and that stick out a lot from other helmets because they hav a more modern and cool look to them?

i think they are DNA

Where did Jeff foxworthy go to college?

Toby Keith didn't go to college. instead, he helped his father in the oil fields. Then he played football for the Oklahoma Drillers and then decided to go into the music business after he was done with football.

What is the motto of Modern College of Management?

The motto of Modern College of Management is 'building your career, shaping your future'.

Did Spain create football?

no, cambridge university created the modern game of football.