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Yes the New England Patriots and the Boston redsox both won championships in 2004.

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Q: What city ever won championships in nfl football and mlb baseball in the same year?
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Has any city ever won championships in football baseball and hockey in the same year?

Boston almost did it in 2007 but the patriots lost to the giants to ruin their perfect season

Has notre dame ever won a national football championship?

They have won 11 national football championships

Which NCAA black college football team has won the most anational championships in modern football?

In "modern football" there are no black colleges. Ever heard of desegregation?

Has there ever been a city to win championships in the four major sports in one season?


What baseball team has won the most NCAA championships ever?

USC Trojans with 12.

Has Florida ever won a national championship in baseball?

yes.... the University of Miami has won 4 national championships in baseball

Has any NCAA Division One school won national championships in football basketball and baseball all in the same year?

California, Michigan and Ohio State are the only teams to win Division One national titles in baseball, football and men;s basketball, although none won them all in the same year According to the Texas website, "No school in NCAA history has ever won both the men's football and basketball championships in the same season." Therefore, no one has ever won all three. California and Michigan have won all three (Michigan has also won some hockey championships), but no team has ever won all three in the same season. Florida recently won basketball and football in the same season.

Has a High School ever won both Baseball and Softball state championships in the same year?


Did a college football team ever win three national championships in four years?

Nebraska- 1994, 1995, 1997

Has the university of Oregon ever won a national championship?

No. The school has won 17 National championships combined, but 0 for football.

Which city with all 4 major sports has ever won championships in all 4 sports?


Has any city with all 4 major sports ever won championships in all 4 sports in the same decade?

In the United States, those four sports would be baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. Basketball was the last to form a league and have a championship, that being in the mid 1940s.Through 2008, no U.S. sports city has ever won championships in all four sports in the same decade. Several cities have won championships in three of the four sports but never all four.1) Boston in the 2000s - the Patriots (considering they once were the Boston Patriots), Red Sox, and Celtics won championships but the Bruins did not.2) New York in the 1990s - the Rangers, Yankees, and Giants won championships but the Knicks did not.3) Los Angeles in the 1980s - the Raiders, Dodgers, and Lakers won championships but the Kings did not.4) Oakland in the 1970s - the Raiders, Athletics, and Warriors won championships but the Golden Seals did not.

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