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Q: Has a High School ever won both Baseball and Softball state championships in the same year?
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How many state championships has east hardy high school won?

None in football one in baseball

Who has most total high school state championships?

Lawrence High School in Lawrence, KS has 105 total state championships.

When was Victoria Stroman high school a 4a school?

Stroman was a 5 A school, they even won a 5A baseball state championships in '85 or '86.

When did Arizona State softball win the NCAA championships?

In 2008, Arizona State won the Softball College World Series. They were undefeated in the series. They finished their season with a record of 66-5.

How many state championships does madeira high school have?

According to Wikipedia there has been 5 state championships

In Minnesota who has the most state championships?

Here are a few teams who hold the record for nost state championships in particular sports: Track & Field: Minneapolis Central, 13 championships Softball: St Bernard's St Paul, 7 championships Vollyball, Girls: Robbinsdale Armstrong, 7 championships Hockey, Boys: International Falls and Roseau each have 7 championships Football: Mahnomen, 6 championships See related links for Minnesota State High School League Records for various sports.

What high school has won the most state championships?


What are the most state championships a school has won in a year?


What school has the most state football championships?

Washington High School of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has 39 state championships, they won 14 straight from 1952 to 1965

What Michigan high school won the most state championships?

East Grand Rapids High School in Grand Rapids, MI as of November 2010 has 115 State Championships.

How many championships does Ohio State U have in football?

Ohio State has 5 solo championships and 2 shared championships that the school considers titles, so they have 7 total.

Which high school in the us has the most state championships?

Edina HS in Edina Minnesota has 134 MSHL State Championships, 143 total

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