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No they have not been relegated since 1914

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Q: Has Arsenal been relegated since 1919?
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Has Arsenal ever been relegated?

Arsenal have been Relegated, but not since 1919!

Has arsenal fc ever been relegated?

No, Arsenal have never been relegated from the epl since 1992

What English football teams have never been relegated?

The only E.P.L team never ever to be relegated is Arsenal. WRONG. Arsenal were relegated in 1913 then promoted back to the top flight in 1919 no woolwich arsenal were relegated in 1913 then during the ww1 football was suspened officially until war was over in which time they changed to arsenal f.c and came back into top flight English football 1919-1920 season and since then have never been relegated from top flight football.

Was arsenal ever been relegated from the premier league?

Arsenal have never been relegated.

Has arsenal been relegated?


When was arsenal relegated and what division was that and which year?

Arsenal are a club that has never been relegated ever.

What year did Arsenal football club get relegated?

Arsenal have never been relegated from the league in their history.

What teams have never been relegated from the top league in England?

Arsenal FC since 1919 and Everton since 1954 are the two longest serving teams in the top league of English Football.

Which team has never been relegated in English football history?

There are no league teams still in existence that have never been relegated. Arsenal are the team to have gone the longest without relegation. Quite right. Arsenal were only relegated once in their entire history - in 1913. They were voted back into the top division in 1919 and have remained there ever since, longer than anyone else.

Has arsenal fc been relegated from da premiership?

No. Arsenal Football Club have never been relegated from the Premier League.

Which team in the English Premiership League has never been relegated?

ARSENAL Although Woolwich Arsenal were relegated, in 1913. It then becomes an issue for pedants to fight over whether Woolwich Arsenal's relegation means "Arsenal" have been relegated or not!

How long have arsenal been in the top division?

Arsenal have never been relegated.

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