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2009-10 is the 91st season Arsenal has been in the top division (Division 1 & Premier League) since inception to the football league in 1893-94. They have been in the top division since 1919-20, and there was a period during 2nd world war where the league play was suspended. Cheers Razcle

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Arsenal have been in every premier league season

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No, they have been in the top division since 1919. After achieving promotion in 1904, they were relegated back to the Second Division in 1913, before being promoted again six year later.

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Arsenal have never been relegated.

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Q: How many year arsenal fc are in top flight?
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When did Arsenal football club gain promotion to top flight football?

Arsenal were last promoted into the top flight in 1919.

How many years have arsenal been in top flight football consecutively?

91 years

The team longest in the top flight in English football?

Arsenal then Everton

Are there any teams in the English Premiership League that have never been relegated?

If I am not wrong, Everton F. C. are the only ones to have never been relegated. Tottenham Hotspurs were never relegated from the Premiership League they never been in the bottom Three and top Four ARSENAL ALSO HAVE NEVER BEEN RELEGATED FROM ENGLANDS TOP FLIGHT. You're wrong about all of those 3. Everton and Arsenal have both, indeed, been relegated from England's to flight (Arsenal (as Woolwich Arsenal) in 1913, Everton in 1930 and again in 1951. It would be ridiculous to claim that Woolwich Arsenal and Arsenal weren't the same club. Tottenham fniished in the top 4 of the Premiership, er, last year.

What team has been in top flight football the longest?

Arsenal is the only club that is not been relegated. Point of order!! yes they have!! they were relegated season 1912/13! and the only reason they got back into top flight football was by a bung!! they are also the only team to have been promoted not on football merit!! bet mr wenger doesnt know all that!!

Which current barclay's premier league club has never been regulated from the top flight of English football?


Which team has been in the top flight of English football without winning the title?

I think that's either Everton or Arsenal. I can't remember which but I know there's not that much in it. Even the mighty Manchester United suffered the indignity of relegation during the 1970s. In fact the answer is 'Arsenal' with Everton coming second. Fact..... when Arsenal celebrated 60 years of being in the top flight Everton were celebrating only 24 years.....what a gap ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The truth is Arsenal have the longest unbroken run, However as founder members of the football league and only spending 3 years out of top flight you will find its Everton who are 131 years old this year, so 128 years in top flight!

How many times have arsenal won the top division title?

100 times

What are the top teams in this year's English Premiership?

Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester city, Arsenal

Is arsenal top of the premiership?


How many goals scored Theory Henry for arsenal?

Thierry Henry has scored 229 goals for Arsenal (226 when he was first at the club, and then 3 more during his loan spell back at Arsenal), making him Arsenal's top goalscorer of all time.

What team has never been relegated from the premier league?

There are no league teams still in existence that have never been relegated. Arsenal are the team to have gone the longest without relegation. Quite right. Arsenal were only relegated once in their entire history - in 1913. They were voted back into the top division in 1919 and have remained there ever since, longer than anyone else.