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The 20 yard line

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Q: From what yard line does a team kick off from?
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What yard line do you kick off from?

the 30 yard line

What yard line does professional football kick off from?

The 30 yard line.

What yard line does NFL football kick off from?

35 yard line

What yard line does college football kick off from?

College football kicks off at the 35-yard line.

What happens after a safety during a football game?

The team who the safety was against has to kick off to the team that scored the safety (free kick) from the 20 yard line. A free kick means that they can kick off using a tee, or they may punt the ball.

What yard line is the kick off from in youth football?


Where do NFL players kick a kick off from?

The kickoff is from the kicking team's 30 yard line making the kickoff travel 70 yards to reach the end zone.

What yard line does the nfl use for kicking off?

The 30-yard line of the team kicking the ball off.

When did the nfl kick off from the 40 yard line?

1955 through 1887

What yard line does NCAA football kick off from?

"40 yd line." Wrong - it is the 30 yard line now. HS still uses the 40 but college went to the 30 in 2007.

Where is the football place on a kickoff team?

I assume you mean "Where is the spot of the ball for a kick off at the start of the game or the start of the half, or after a touchdown, or successful field goal attempt?" Standard kick of is at your own 35 yard line. Penalty's from previous plays, or an off sides on the kick off, can be enforced on the kickoff, or re-kick, moving the spot of the ball.

In high school football can you punt on kick off?

No, I personally have never heard that you could. If the other team gets a safety though, then they get 2 points and the other team then has to punt the ball to them from I think the 20 yard line.

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